Rich kids of Instagram (20 Photos)

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  • Bradyized

    #15 That car is an abomination.

  • Brad N.

    Meanwhile, I work 2 jobs, 70+ hours a week, and eat box dinners. All to barely pay the student loans I can barely afford…

    • PA2AK

      yup…life's a bitch for most of us. don't be too quick to think they have everything they want though. of course, you did sign up for those loans yourself. hindsight is always 20/20, but sounds like you got enough drive to make it pay off in the end. Chive On.

  • Raysa

    #15 looks like just posing by the fancy car across the street…

  • justin cider

    its not instagram, its Doucheagram….

  • Chris

    Proper Title: Nouveau Riche Douchebags, who have parents that dont give a fuck, on Instagram.

  • Verbal_Kint

    what an amazing collection of douchenozzles.

  • Ryan

    These kids may have money but they lack one fundamental quality that every Chiver has…. Awesomeness!

  • Blazej Prusiecki

    Dead gods… I'm sick of instagram pics and those f*cked up filters :/

  • no one cares

    there are a whole lot of jealous people commenting on these pictures. calling them d-bags just because their parents have money. I know plenty of d-bags whose parents didnt have shit.

  • styopa

    Rich chicks – bangable.
    Rich dudes – complete asswipes.

    Funny, huh?

    • adudefromsomewhere

      rich chicks – only guys who look godlike and have loads of money get them
      rich guys – fodder for gold diggers

  • Mightymike78

    What a repugnant bunch of wankers

  • Leah Spatafora Blackmon

    I'm sure they're all wonderfully nice and polite individuals that do not think they are higher than anyone else. *please insert sarcastic voice*

  • Damian

    Still money doesn't buy intelligence. And a huge percentage of those that inherit wealth squander it.

  • Raf

    A bunch of fucking jews

  • Oscar

    #3 you can tell he's rich cause he drives a Datsun

  • DDD

    I could make a fortune by leaving every one of those little douche bags on a street corner in East New York in the middle of the night and filming it. Chive make it happen…. That blonde would be turning tricks and crying for her gold plated iPhone faster than #6 could scream DADDY!

  • Jrod

    So many douches!!!! Brain shutting down, must, mind, gap, to survive…..

  • Scott Reed

    Having money doesn't mean having class
    —Larry the Cable Guy

  • svp

    why chive, why

  • ckron247

    This whole post look likes a f#ckin Abercrombie ad.

  • Waldo

    I hope if I were that rich I would not be that much of an asshole douchebag as these folks look

  • dragon2777

    even if I was a rich kid I do not think that I would fit in. I am never giving up my t-shirt and jeans

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  • David Gorski

    am i supposed to know who this group of people are? guess ill have to wikipedia "instagram"

  • Lyin-King


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