Rich kids of Instagram (20 Photos)

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  • PubicJones

    Another hypocritical Chive post. They must be douchbags if they have money right? And I'm not even going to claim that you are all jealous either. You all truly believe that they shouldn't be allowed to have this money because you are societal sheep and think that's how you're supposed to react to this. Chivers judge people of one category but bash people if their opinions don't line up with their own. Pathetic little cunts.

  • Lyin-King

    They style wise look a little toolish but they could be nice charming people. They are all young enough that it isnt their money. Unless some of them are savy investors or inventors or start up moguls. Still it says more about the commenter and kneejerk negativity of looking at these pictures than ne thing about these kids.

    Seriously, take a second to consider that I am broke as shit. And if any of you are commenting on this from an Iphone, Ipad or computer that is less than 4 years old, or you own a car less than 5 years old or have bought a new article of clothing in the last two years I might consider you a rich ass hole cause there is no way i could afford such extravagances. [Yes even a new shirt unless it was under $5 and thats not a joke].

    I totally have a spite of envy for the kids carefree looks especially aboard private jets but it belittles me to lash and feed into spitefulness. Since it is only jealousy which serves me no purpose. Maybe a little purpose towards motivating me to keep on working for my own desires but thats not a long lasting fuel for motivation for me anyhow.

    • Twatstica

      Oh, shut the fuck up. I would bet both testicals that you have purchased either a Starbucks or a McDonald's meal in just that last week that cost more than the shirt you haven't bought in the last two years. How many vinyl records, headphones,DVDs, organic meat and vegetables have you purchased in two years. Your not poor, your a poor hipster.

  • Paul

    I need to Google Instagram. Sounds like something already out there.. Instant messaging, Texting..

  • ProductOf85

    #6 Their douche level is OVER 9000!!!

  • Paul

    #4 #18 #41 I would like the real thing, blow up doll of them or a full size poster of them..

    • Paul


  • Bob

    #15 I hate rich people, most of them are selfish superficial jerks. the 1% suck!!!! Pink cars are so gay too.

  • Joel

    More douche than a whale's vagina.

  • MarissaAD

    I would never want that. I'd rather have all that earned than given to me by my parents. Those rich kids are just a sad story to me

    • Will

      Lol Personally I would rather earn it too but if my parents gave me that I wouldn't object. How are they sad? They look pretty happy to me, sound like envy. You sound like a hipster.

  • who cares?

    Makes sense to hate people and allude to their "douchebaggery" because they have more money than you do?

  • Erin Young

    #9 Staying classy with his glass of Champange and BK

  • _Shift

    #21, Fuck you kid, now give me the keys!
    I've literally seen kids in my town pull that shit!

  • Ricardo

    for the mexican counterpart

  • nuccabay

    #8 jean-ralphio? #15 what have you done to that beautiful machine!?

  • Christian Themainattraction Cockburn

    makes me wanna blow these kids up with 200 pounds of dynamite!hahaha

  • joe

    please keep spending your parents money. the trust fund has to run out someday.

  • Dave

    They look like every douche from every '80s movie ever.

  • Candymountainmofo

    I like that you're always coming up with new galleries, but c'mon, these DOUCHES? I come here to get away from douchebaggery, not see a gallery about it! Nice try but please, NO MORE!

  • Axy

    So much emotion over complete strangers. Bitter much?

  • davewoo

    So who are these spolied little assholes. And why should we give a crap. You show all these great pictures of beauty, both feminine, animal world, and the earth. You do not need to show these people.

  • lavmdmv

    #7 People that do the sweater tied around the neck like that are douches

  • Hooleyman

    When the economic crisis hits their front door steps, each one of these pukes will either commit suicide from the depression or seek public assistance for their mental health issues. I on the other hand will be laughing at them as they laugh at us now.

  • G-Unit

    Is it me or did anyone else notice the minority in the picture? Yeah….me neither!

  • taylordactyl

    #8 A damned ungrateful,spoiled rotten, doesn't know the value of a dollar rich kid would pose for a picture while he grinds the shit out of his boat against a concrete barrier.

  • thatguy

    If I have to look like a complete tool to have money, I think I'll pass, they can all go suck a big fat donkey dick

  • will

    I wish all of them got hit by cars… Except #9 he looks like a bad ass. I am taking champagne into fast food joints from now on

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