First-look at the new Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s (7 Photos)

Two months ago when we launched the American Military KCCO's we received hundreds of emails from members of the Canadian Military requesting their own shirts. Done.

Then two weeks ago, we asked our Canadian Chivers to vote on which Canadian KCCO they liked best. The Red KCCO won easily. Y'all also made a very good point about not making a green version because you wanted to maintain the integrity of the current Green KCCO rather than diluting it. Sanctity maintained.The Red Canadian KCCO's will be available in Men's and Women's sizes.

At the end of the day, the Chivers dictate what you want and we listen. We really hope you like these. All designs will be available on theCHIVERY this Thursday at 3 pm EST. Because this is the first launch and demand is so high, I would get there a little early!


John n' Leo

  • Bryan


    So many of my friends in Alberta are Chivers, thanks for showing your appreciation for us Canadian Chivers!

    • OLD

      Remember when John was a pretentious dick in that interview, and said he didn't wanna dilute the value of kcco shirts by printing millions like that "OBEY" guy?

      Pretty sure there's like 20,000 shirts out there now, with more to come, and they have been diluted as shit

      • Jake

        Umm….. How is 20,000 "millIons"?

    • Trav1121

      My wife and I are from Alberta also. Represent! Psyched about these!

    • Yup

      Chive on Alberta !

    • PontangPunisher

      I can't Wait xD

    • Jason

      Roger that! So many Alberta Chivers!

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Alberta FTW!

      So I guess my 'home made' green Canadian KCCO shirt won't pass for authentic. That's alright by me…I'll just KCCO.

    • Shocked

      Wait a second…You are telling me that Canada has a military? You learn something new everyday.

      • Blair

        Just shows how uneducated you are.


      • Jake

        Basically every country has a military…..

      • BlueGreenAlgae

        You are a complete douche. However. I am impressed that your trailer park has electricity.

    • tibbymat

      i will be on this. Also an albertan Chiver!!

    • Switch

      There is a store in West Edmonton Mall that sells ripoff KCCO's and Bill Fucking Murray's. That is why they are everywhere. I see people wearing these copies everywhere. Glad i have a real one.

      • Robert Byrne

        Just got my Canadian KCCO FUCKEN love it know a few ppl with fakes here in Edmonton when see ppl now I just bum rush them to check the label lol KCCO

    • Jake

      I want one and I'm american, is that bad? Hahah

    • Ryan

      Ditto! Alberta loving Chive! Thanks for the shirts!

  • work sucks

    #2, #1

    I just heard my office mate yell 'Fuck Yeah', I can only assume this is what his fuck is referencing

    • CanadaEH7

      THIS. SHIRT. WILL. BE. MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Smut rut

      This is your coworker.. I was not shouting "fuck yea" because of these shirts.. I was shouting because I finally saw your gf getting gangbanged on pornhub

    • Ben

      One of my co-works is my dog…who sleeps under the work benches…..he's not sleeping anymore….I had the same response " FUCK YEAH!"….he wont come near me now….too Scuured.

  • mark


    I'll be there hell yes

  • Radmoss

    Ok Sask Chivers, we all know it's actually 1:00 PM don't miss out!

    • BDR

      Unless there was a time change recently and we're back with 'toba … Fucking time changes are hard man


      Can't wait to parade one of these around S'toon.

      • DTAB

        I'm with you on that one.

      • Jimmy

        Look for me in Willowgrove. I have a green and want the red!

        • DTAB

          Boo to Willowgrove!

  • Calder027

    Fuck Ya! Ottawa Chiver loving this!

    • Underbaker

      Wishing best of luck to our up north neighbors and hope all you deserving Canadian Military members get one.

  • Jen

    As an official Canadian Chivette, I must grab one of these!

    • Scott

      Isn't Canada still on strike? Or did we give them enough coupons and gum balls?

      • CanadianEH!

        Nope. We still have an intact banking system, more oil than the Saudi's and oh right free health care. All we want is Canadian KCCO shirts and that's pretty much it. Thanks though.

    • Oli

      The rule is if you are a chivette and you get a shirt you must model it and send in the pics!

  • Don

    That's absolutely fantastic! One small point – the launch time in that island on the east coast (Newfoundland) is 4:30. I'll be watching the countdown!

    • Bryan410

      NL always gets shafted…

      • Hobbson

        Hey now, that's the past. We're Haves now!

        • BC Boy

          Goofy Newfie only place in the world to adjust the time by a half hour!!!

          • ghostofmlg

            India, Myanmar, South Australia, Iran, Venezuela, the Marquesas. You say you're BC boy but you're dumb like a 'Merican.

  • melissa

    can't wait to sport some Canadian underboob

    • MylesofStyles

      After reading your comment, no other comments are necessary.

    • Adam

      Why were you ever holding out on us?

    • Max

      how bout a preview?

    • melissa

      I've kept calmed and underboobed three times already….

      • Bewbs!

        Links or it didn't happen.

    • andy

      we cant wait either πŸ™‚

  • Pat

    I think I speak for all Canadian chive when I say "fuck yes"

    • Lee

      Yes, yes you do!!! Fuck yeah!!!!

  • Borelando

    Canada has a military?

    • dan

      Yea, and it's accomplished a hell of a lot so learn some fucking world history

      • canadagoose

        Yeah! Don't you know about that Hero named Dudley!? Duh, eh? That's what it's all aboot!

    • kevo

      its pretend.

      • Crusty

        I'll raise you 2 sub-marines… Oh wait, I mean, I'm all in!

        • timberman

          Get Bent…. read a F*&^ history book. War of 1812…. BOOM

      • drew

        like your girlfriend lo$er.

    • Hefe77

      It's living next to America

    • Colonialaviator

      Look up the War of 1812, that's a good starting point.

      • john

        looks like we should have left more beer cans lying around after we burnt down their whitehouse

        • Fact Checker

          Are you British? The burning of White House took place on August 24th, 1814 after the British victory at the Battle of Bladensburg earlier that day. Contrary to popular belief, Canadian militia were not present at the burning of the White House.

      • Bewbs!

        The War of 1812 was against the British Empire, not Canada. You didn't even exist as a country. It took you another 170 years to free yourself from British control. I love how every is throwing around "learn history" or "read a book" when they are just as ignorant as the trolls they are feeding.

        • goon

          The soldiers lived in lower Canada. And we weren't running from British control.

        • Tomx569

          It was mostly between the British Empire and the United States, but the US tried invading Canada in 1813. Their idea was that they could "liberate" us from British control and convince us to join the fight against Britain. Just like their invasion attempt in 1775, it failed miserably and the US suffered embarrassing defeats. One of the prime examples was the Battle of the Chateauguay, where an invading army of 4000 US soldiers was defeated by a defending army of ~1600 French Canadians and Mohawk Indians, not the British.

    • Macro

      Don't feed the troll.

      • moon101

        your a terrible chiver get lost and lose the bad attitude ahole.

    • Post

      Strom troopers kid

    • Cdn Soldier

      On behalf of your Military, go fuck yourself and KCCO

      • Notknowing

        Well said, sir.

      • USA

        bet you ride moose cavalries into battle.

    • Jim

      As a member, I suggest you look into it, we are the ones doing the shit the marines can't. That is all.

    • andy

      You fuckers down south think y'all invented stealth?!?!? …We perfected it, convinced y'all we didnt even have a military

    • Borelando

      Ok. Reeeeelax. It was a joke. Kcco.

      • D-Wiz

        one canadians are pretty sensitive to. we have great respect for our soldiers who put their lives on the line just like americans do. you might have been joking, but it wasn't funny.

        • Tru Chiver

          yeah. the canadian military experiences several casualties a year due to maple-syrup harvesting. RIP. KCCO

    • loyal chiver

      burnt the white house down ummm oh ya… twice.

    • canadagoose

      they made a movie. About it. Think it was called Canadian Bacon.

  • okss

    Can't wait to finally get my hands on one of these ellusive badboys!

    • mikeltn

      They aren't actually elusive if they have never been released.

  • CLTChiver

    Great looking shirts. Personally love the Army one. I also have a feeling Canada is going to kill the internet Thursday.

  • DKM

    Freaking amazing. Can't wait. I hope there's lots of stock… but not holding my breath!

  • Jrod

    Sweet Johnny!!!! Finally!! Taking Thursday off baby!!

  • David White

    Hey guys Newfoundland is an extra 30 minutes ahead of the rest of Canada so I dont think your launch would go right for us. A 3pm launch in Ontario would make it 4:30 in Newfoundland. Thanks πŸ™‚ cause I really want one LOL

  • kevo

    Canada doesnt even have a real Military… They wouldnt be a country if they werent connected to the U.S.


      fuck you. we burned the white house down.

      • Lex Williams

        huh… didn't realize canadians still identified themselves as british subjects… thought yall got independence at some point lol. oh well, guess ya wanna take credit for things the british army did.

        • REVOLVER_KAZ

          God save the Queen, bitch.

        • goon

          Nope… they were Canadians. Minus the navy. And you guys never tried it again.

          • Lex Williams

            guess in Canada ya learn history a bit differently… makes sense, in the US we learn that WWII was all us, and we coulda done it without the soviets. in Russia they learn that WWII was all them and they coulda done it without the western allies. just goes to reason that in Canada yall would learn that the British army which captured DC and burned the white house was a bunch of Canadians…

            • MrRockwell

              We entered the war before the americans did, dumbfuck.

    • socket2me


      From Canada with love

    • Crusty

      And thats why the rest of the world loves Candians and well, to put it lightly, isn't too fond of our neighbors to the south.

      • drew

        really surprised the states isn't more fond of canada…….. Considering 50% of their FAT A$$ country is incredibly overweight and is in constant need of a little canadian invention called INSULIN.

        • Anthony Robert Hawboldt

          Not only that, but also the Canadians responsible for Insulin gave it away for free.
          I've never heard of ANY american doing that

    • Sean

      As a Canadian and insulted by your comment you can Fuck right off… that and we burned down your White House once and if you don't STFU we'll do it again!

    • moon101

      your an idiot

      • Bucky

        You're an idiot.

    • EastCoastChiver

      Your a tool!

      • Royal pudding

        Check back with us when the top of your heads are connected to the bottom of your heads, then well talk

    • cole

      not a country full of empty houses and unemployed people you mean.

    • Cdn Soldier

      On behalf of the Canadian Military, go fuck yourself and KCCO

      • Royal pudding

        Must take a while to get your shirts delivered seeing as there's only one yellow brick road in the whole country, and it's guarded by Scott, and he's a dick

        • Ike Brovlofskym

          We'll give you that one. Also, our tires are square.

    • Dias

      War of 1812 you meat head, we're a country because our military beat yours


        And our General was an insane alcoholic and we still kicked their ass.

        • Fuck canada

          Well if that drunk retard didn't drink himself to death maybe you would have accomplished a war or something within the last 200 years

          • REVOLVER_KAZ

            At least we weren't going into wars that we didn't need to go into and get a fuckload of our countrymen killed then disrespect the survivors that came back.

          • Sean

            You're a douche

          • Miln-eh

            Accomplished a war? Are words just used as decoration in your part of the world? Mission accomplished moron you cannot even speak your own language. Derp.

            • Dick smack

              Way to go, you guys accomplished Justin beiber and Carly Rae jepsen.. You should be really proud of yourselves

              • Miln-eh

                First off, realize that T9 is only a spell check for morons. If it is a name use a capital letter like a big boy. Second, your come back is a pop music burn; was that the best you could do? I pity you for the fact that your blind ignorance makes you think your a better person. I would say there is a cure for that but lets be honest, you couldn't afford it if it was a medication.

                • Dick smack

                  Miln-eh, you're a retard.

                  -comeback* (1 word)

                  -spellcheck* (1 word)

                  -think you're* a better person

                  -let's* be honest

                  Come at me bro. I took honors English in a high school in the United States, and I am college educated here as well. I did not attend some moose country, bumble-fuck, retard, canadian (not going to capitalize canada, fuck that place) high school.

                  • goon

                    You know your education system is a full year behind ours right? Also insulin.

                  • drew

                    hahahaha you have an honors in english……. Solid degree b)tch, really coming into handy on the chive

                  • The World

                    Hey there…. Hi there… Just the World here.

                    Just a heads up. I talked to the rest of the countries and I guess it is unanimous, they hate you. They just straight up hate you. No hard feelings, but I am deleting you from facebook… it just looks bad on my list.

                    Okay welp uhhhhhh bye now.

                    P.S. When I show up on friends you might know… don't re-add me… that is just dumb. Ok bye.

                    P.P.S. Having honors in High School English is like having a book no person wants to read; useless.

                  • ghostofmlg

                    Honours English in the USA? You dummies can't even spell honours correctly. Would you like fries with that?

                • Dick smack

                  Comprehend, eh?

                • Dick smack

                  Hey Miln-eh, faggot:

                  -Spellcheck* (one word)

                  -comeback* (one word)

                  -makes you think you're* a better person (contraction)

                  -let's* be honest (contraction)

                  Don't question my knowledge when you're the one with the bumblefuck canadian (not going to capitalize it, because fuck canada) special-needs high school diploma.

                  -This message was typed using T9

              • way to go america

                jersey shore is some accomplishment……… YOU SHOULD BE PROUD

              • Trav1121

                Pretty sure Justin Bieber and Carley are popular because the Americans keep buying all their garbage. Yeah, they are from Canada, but they are taking all your American money. So who is the real sucker, hmmm?

              • MattyDeuce

                I would do Carly Rae Jepsen.

          • Alex

            Because a war is an accomplishment now? Proud of killing people that are not even a real threat to you or your country?

      • Crusty

        Dude, Have you ever met Scott? He's fucking awesome, and I bet he'd kick your ass

        • REVOLVER_KAZ

          Ugly Bob is still ugly. Though he is a pretty cool guy.

    • Steve

      Your embarrassing

    • Ethix

      As a US citizen I would like to express my deepest regrets about this statement. Please don't think this represents my whole country. The majority of The US loves Canada. We could take a couple pointers from how you regulate your economy. In this century, having a huge army is a burden, not a good thing. Now I'll get off my political high horse and go eat some ice cream. KCCO.


        Thx Ethix, spread the word down there that most of us feel the same about you guys. We just get a little defensive sometimes because of the ignorance of DB's like that…. plus you have all the weapons and we have all the health care.

        KCCO Eh!

    • Johnny Ly

      Hey remember the time Canada burned down the white house?

    • RCAF girl

      Says the guy from the country whose economy is about to collapse.

    • Jon

      Watch that America. Show a little more respect.

      • miss lisa

        What a beautiful vid. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

      • Craig Robertson

        LOVE that vid! I am so proud to be Canadian, and Proud of our relationship with the US, why is there so much hostility between us?

        • Trav1121

          It isn't real hostility. It is more like… sibling rivalry. πŸ™‚ We love our American brothers and sisters, even if they are kinda fat and bad with their finances. We lend them oil all the time! And they let us watch cool TV and movies.

          PS. You are welcome for Basketball and Superman. πŸ™‚

      • David W. Taylor

        Great video. Actually makes me proud to be Canadian, even if we have a fucking moron as Prime Minister.

    • Chivette Canada

      Go fuck yourself.
      My grandfather died fixing what you assholes chose to "ignore and hope it goes away".

      -Canadian military chivette

      • IgnorantMuch?

        da fuq did I just read?

    • CanadianChivette

      Keep in mind who bails your asses out every time you decide to go trigger happy. Jealousy is a funny thing, but your lack of class and abundance of ignorance is disgusting. Just keep in mind, while you have your nose in the air, thinking you're better than Canada, remember who you'll be looking up at. CANADA, bitch! And that will never change. Give us the finger, we'll shake your hand. Cause thats just how we are, and we're damn proud of it!

      • Crusty

        Well Said!

        • PontangPunisher


          • Vent187

            Gave you a thumbs down. Nothing against Canada, just the Oilers.

            • Trav1121

              Countered that thumbs down with a thumbs up. Canada rocks and so do the Oilers! πŸ™‚

              • gordo54

                …yes–yes we do, and yes, the Oilers are coming back!

                • MattyDeuce

                  Coming back shouldn't be difficult when you draft number 1 three years in a row!

                  • Crusty

                    And there's no where to go but up when you finish last 2 years, and 2nd last the next.

                  • CanadaEH7

                    Your mad bro?

                    • CanadaEH7

                      FUCK… I fail at life……..

    • Josh

      Why can't we all just get along?? Life is to short!!

    • Steve

      The Union Jack STILL FLIES over the US at San Juan Island ,Washington State.

      153 years later and your still too fricken scared to take it down, and that was over BACON( a pig).

      What do think is going to happen if you mess with our KCCO Tees!

    • Troll Spotter

      Troll spotted

    • Bc born

      As a Canadian, I think it's terrible that you have such a negative opinion of our nation. But I find it equally as saddening that so many Canadians feel the need to find happiness in the history that involved your White House burning. History can't be changed but certainly your attitude can be worked on.

    • Proud Canadian

      You do realize Canada was one of the first countries to actually support the United States in their "war against terrorism"? Also my uncle who was a pilot for the CANADIAN Airforce was paid by the U.S. to teach your pilots how to fly planes over in Saudi Arabia because obviously your own pilots weren't good enough to teach the new recruits. So suck it asshole.

    • Nicolas Ferraro

      I wonder if you speak for everyone in your country. Are you in the military to start with? You do sound like a complete idiot but I guess ignorance is bliss.


        I think the South Park movie is the reason it's so much fun to make fun on canada. Real talk, you say canada is such a "great military" and what not. We have 11 nuclear aircraft carriers, SEVENTY ONE submarines. You could fall asleep tonight and wake up as an occupied territory of the US. I get it, you have pride, but you stay protected in our shadow.

        • Adam

          Friend i feel i need to tell you about the commonwealth. That is the group of nations formerly controlled by the British crown who are pledged to support and defend each other. War with Canada is war with Brittain, India, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, and 48 other sovreign nations. Also i think Russia likes us more than they like you.


            It wouldn't be war with anyone. You would become part of America. It's inevitable. I really doubt any of those countries could come to your aid. There's a pretty big pond on each side of you. IF WE WANTED canada, WE WOULD TAKE IT!

            • Cdn

              Come get it and just see what happens.

        • jasonswan

          protected from what? we have more to fear from the USA and the consequences of it's disastrous foreign policy than we do from any other country in the world.

        • Rook

          Protected from who? the Russians? the Chinese? the only reason we were at risk of being nuked during the cold war was because the US was so close.

    • David W. Taylor

      I can't help but wonder what would happen if we stopped giving you oil, softwood lumber, and everything else we give you as a part of the NAFTA agreement? Invade?

      Like most Canadians, I don't hate all Americans, I have a few good friends south of the border, even met probably one of the most patriotic people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth), but it's idiotic comments like yours that make me hate Americans like you. All countries can claim WWII ended because of them. The European theater ended as a joint effort from all allied nations. You only claim to have won the war because you dropped a nuke on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and you only did that because your military was being slaughtered.

      Please think before you start spewing garbage.

      Again, I don't hate all Americans. Most of you are pretty cool. πŸ™‚

    • Tom

      Y'know Canada invaded the US a long time ago….. We stayed long enough to burn the Whitehouse, drink some beers and bang your girlfriends. Then we went home.

    • wolfbastion

      funny we are celibrating the 200 th aniversry of kicking your countries ass in a war. just be glad we let you live.


        Hey adam, we could destroy you and all of the 48 sovereign nations. You "giving" us oil. If we wanted to take if from you, we would. You forget America has the most high tech and powerful military the world has ever seen. I said powerful, not biggest. We could protect ourselves against ANY and ALL foreign countries. Stop blabbing about a war 200 yrs ago. Stop living in the past like Notre Dame football.

        • Smut fut

          History of canada:

          Beginning of time thru 1811: bear shits in the woods.

          1812: British burn down the White House.

          1813 thru present time: bear resumes shit in the woods; British let Canadians take credit for burning down the White House so they feel less pathetic about their country's lack of history; Justin Bieber.

        • Mike nz

          Your forgetting most of the world hates you. Especially the Chinese. U know that land mass that has 5 times the amount of people in it than the USA. Pull your head out of your arse. Your economy is fucked a large percentage of you are hurrendously overweight and everyone of you is scared of the world. You are not feared anymore, your just the old Alfa male that is going to get fucked over eventually. Sadly when that happens you will send out the nukes and fuck us all. Land of the free my arse, land of the scared more like it.

        • Aaron

          Alot of good that military will do you when your economy collapses. Have fun trying to eat an M16. Of course you could always whore yourself out to try and meet your basic survival needs. But then again your probably too useless for that.

    • ghostofmlg

      Stupid troll is stupid.

    • Rook

      As a Serving Canadian Forces Member, feel free to go fuck your self Kevo.

  • Rockwell

    Errrrrr maaa gerrrrrd πŸ˜€

  • chappy

    well good luck to everyone on Thursday…

  • ChestRockwellz

    Thats one shirt i am sure i wont be trying to obtain.

    • Notknowing

      Good. More for us.

      • ghostofmlg


  • USA

    What's a Canada?

    • Crusty

      It's a much more globally respected America

      • USA

        That's cause it's easy to respect those you don't have to fear

        • Crusty

          And we're supposed to be afraid of what? How long do you think you can support that big ol' military stockpile when you owe the rest of the world all your money.

        • Rico

          Interesting. Pick up a book and see why your White House is white.

          • Ummm

            Because the British burnt it down?

            • British

              basically because we owned your asses, yes.

              • MattyDeuce

                Well, owned is past tense, so no worries.

    • timberman

      A country run on morals and not the mighty dollar. So far we are doing just fine.
      Hows things in teh states? Banks doing well? housing market still booming…….
      Still have cash registers at your hospitals???? Thought so….

      • USA

        Actually Canadas housing has a bubble goong on right now and will burst relatively soon, good luck with that
        We are getting better though thanks for your concern …eh

        • REVOLVER_KAZ

          Actually, you don't know anything about Canada so STFU and GTFO.

        • Crusty

          The ony way this bubble is gonna burst is if:
          – A) The world stops using oil
          – B) We run out of oil
          – C) We decide to buy up more American properties than we already are.

          Either way, all 3 options hurt the US even worse than ours. And even if you're right we can all just move down to one of our numerous vacation properties we bought in the States, and fly the maple leaf high.

        • Captain Obvious

          I hate to break it to you, but even during the economic collapse, our economy stayed relatively strong. It rebounded a year later and here we are now, staying strong. You want to talk about housing being a bubble? Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but they call it a 'buyers market' right now because lending rates and property value were at the lowest peak. Things are on a steady upswing and there is plenty of work here that's fueling the momentum. Oil won't drop low any time soon. These prices are here to stay. As soon as natural gas picks up again, the Canadian economy will be one of the strongest "dollars" in the world. There's a reason that Iceland is in the process of adopting the Canadian dollar as their currency.

        • Rico

          Actually, it's just fine. They've been saying that about our bubble for about 3 years now. Did y'alls did read abaut's that?

          • Ignorance is Bliss

            Your trade surpluses have turned to deficits. Your housing prices have soared since 2009 and the bubble is indeed close to popping. Your household debt (at 147% of GDP) is among the highest in the OECD.

            In 2009 73% of Canada's exports went to the United States, and 63% of Canada's imports were from the United States.

            Yeah everything is just fine.

        • Alex

          Actually you might be right concerning the housing bubble in Canada right now. Still people are better prepared here as the loans are usually not unnecessarily huge. So things shouldn't be as bad here. Glad things are getting better for you though. And I really hope Obamacare will profit to you all in the long run.
          KCCO from a fellow Canadian Chiver!


      fuck you

      • USA


      • USA

        This is another creative response

        • Crusty

          I dont think Classy would suit you anyways

      • Crusty

        Seriously revolver, as a fellow patriotic Candaian, Shit Up! You're making us all look stupid. And Jerod, it's at least 25 shirts!

        • Crusty

          I meant Shut up! "I" is right beside "U"

      • ChestRockwellz

        Fuck your mother!

      • Bill Murray

        Shut up, and let me drag my smelly, sweaty, dirty, crusty, hairy, ballsack across your lips.

      • USA

        Fuck You

    • loyal chiver

      USA? i thought it was NSM

    • Normal People

      Hey asshole, if Canada didn't live next door your trailer park country would have been nuked 50 years ago. Headline: Another mass killing in somewhere USA. Enjoy that!

  • Gibb

    Not that I'm complaining but wasn't there a pre order for the American military shirts for military members to ensure that all military members who wanted one got one? Show the Canadian military some love!

    • dan

      I would love this too.. luckily I'm on leave this week, looks like I'll be on my computer in time

    • USA

      That's because America matters

      • Crusty

        Again, more ignorance. I think you fort to finish your sentence… "that's because America Matters… Only to Americans"

        • Smut rut

          Crusty cunt, you realize your on an american owned and operated website, right?

          Go visit the Canadian chive if you hate America so much, I think the latest post was "sexy polar bears covered in maple syrup"

          • Crusty

            Hey I got nothing against Americans in general. Just giving 1 in particular, you, a little taste of your own medicine. Bash my country and my military and I'll provide some retalliatory verbal diareah. Thats all.

            And you're forgetting about the sexy Canadian chivette and her missing chips.

            • Crusty cunt

              I had those chips once, they tastes like Sasha Gray's upper rectum.. Come to America and try some real chips like Herr's then I'll respect your opinion.

          • Alex

            And You do realize that REAL chivers, like the owners of TheChive, don't give a fuck WHERE you are from right ? Being a Chiver/Chivette as always been a matter of attitude, a great attitude. So how dare you call yourself a chiver when you clearly aren't one?

            • USA

              american chivers are better.

          • Spicey

            I almost forgot Canada is not a part of America… Go get some geography lessons, US of A does not mean you are the whole continent.

      • Rook

        I think you ment to say the United States matters, last time I checked America was a continent….

    • blowme

      whats the matter all the Mounties getting their feelings hurt?? LMAO.


    #7 fuck yes! love it!


      I'm looking at that map wondering if anyone in Nunavut will order one…

    • Pratg

      Sept its a lie to people in sask but yes it is a good idea

  • Layton

    Plans for August…wear new Red KCCO shirt eat pountine drink timmies get high fives…eh!

  • Jerod

    Just one question… Canada has a military? if they do just make 20 of these and give them to them….


      fuck you

      • USA

        You are so original

    • Big Dave

      Canadian Marines were the first to land on the beach during Normandy because they were bad mofos. I think times have changed, but those lumberjacks made for some bad asses in their day.

      • 6_Crack_rocks

        Canada has a strong military history, the war of 1812 is a good example. They also fought bravely in WW2 and are often at our (USA) side in most wars we get involved in. Canada along with Australia and New Zealand are our closest allies.

    • Rico

      Actually, per capita, we have the longest peacekeeping history around. You probably missed that. It's why your citizens travel the world and steal our flag in order to be accepted. How does that feel?

    • bubbles

      First of all, AMERICA FUCK YEAH! I really didn't know Canada had a military. I don't see much point to it when you share a 2,000 mile border with the largest military power in the world. Word on the street is the US could have total control of Canada in 24 hrs (hypothetically). I bet these don't sell out, ever.

      • Gibb

        There's a reason the American military is a joke to the Canadians. You guys have huge numbers of guys that are trained to do one thing, and know nothing else. Yeah you would overwhelm us with numbers but there's a reason we kick your asses in force on force joint exercises. Better overall soldiers

        • Rtitymiygjudmmn

          Says the small army who would lose

          • Got Oil?

            This is what he's saying about better soldiers.

            • Rtitymiygjudmmn

              Says the guy with a tiny army

      • tibbymat

        are you kidding me… US army doesnt even COMPARE to Chinas Army.

        Bashing eachothers countiries is not what "Chiving On" is about. Come on guys!

    • TalkingHead

      For supporting the US in so many endeavours you and far too many Americans try and take cheap shots at a country that has only been an ally for over a century.


        I think the South Park movie is the reason it's so much fun to make fun on canada. Real talk, you say canada is such a "great military" and what not. We have 11 nuclear aircraft carrier, SEVENTY ONE submarines. You could fall asleep tonight and wake up as an occupied territory of the US. I get it, you have pride, but you stay protected in our shadow.

        • Tibbymat

          Canada stays protected in the shadow of the UNITED NATIONS as does the United States Of America.


        • Chris

          Real talk? OK..

          "Make fun of", not on.

          "You say Canada is such a "great military"". No – Canada is a country. "Canada has such a "Great military""

          11 carriers, plural.

          "SEVENTY ONE" – "seventy-one"

          Maybe the US has a larger naval fleet, but when you consider the amount of debt per capita, I'm not even sure if the US owns said fleet.

          I feel ashamed having a neighbor that bases a comparison of our 2 great countries on a moronic show.

          We possibly could fall asleep and wake up a part of the US. Which would be a complete shame, because then we would also become susceptible to waking up and becoming part of a larger super power that's actually relevant now. India, or China perhaps.


    • justin

      i read 3 replies sighed then typed this. get a life with the political country dick waving contests. no one cares. btw funny op comment

      from a chiver and canadian soldier

    • EP Martin

      Eat shit douche bag.

      Canadian Sailor

    • Prime Minister

      can i suck your pee-pee, eh?

      The Canadian Prime Minister

    • Alex

      wow do you have no respect for yourself or are you just pissed of because of your crashing economy

    • ghostofmlg

      The word Stormtrooper (Strumtruppen) was coined by the Germans in WW1 to describe Byng's Boys of the 1st Canadian Division after the battle at Cambrai. This after the Canadians took Vimy ridge in 4 days after the Brits had tried on 4 separate occasions and failed. Not surprising the a 'Merican wouldn't know that since it happened before the US even bothered to join into the effort.

      Same story for WW2, we were in starting Sept 10 of '39, it took the 'Mericans over two years to decide that old Adolf was serious.

      No less than Gen MacArthur stated that Canadians were the bravest, fiercest and most effective soldiers he had ever had the honour to fight alongside (speaking of the PPCLI at Kapyong, Korea) after the Canadians bailed out 2 US Armoured Divisions and allowed them to retreat – the same battle where the PPCLI gave up no ground despite being outnumbered 10-1 by the Chinese.

      you go ahead Jerod, keep trollng, those of who are aware of the world beyond our own front doors know better.

      Keep Calm and Fuck Off brother!

    • Rook

      They would need more then 20 just to lay on the Graves of those who have died supprting your war on terror in Afghanistan

  • kal50

    AMAZING! Love the designs! Gotta have em!

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