First-look at the new Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s (7 Photos)

Two months ago when we launched the American Military KCCO's we received hundreds of emails from members of the Canadian Military requesting their own shirts. Done.

Then two weeks ago, we asked our Canadian Chivers to vote on which Canadian KCCO they liked best. The Red KCCO won easily. Y'all also made a very good point about not making a green version because you wanted to maintain the integrity of the current Green KCCO rather than diluting it. Sanctity maintained.The Red Canadian KCCO's will be available in Men's and Women's sizes.

At the end of the day, the Chivers dictate what you want and we listen. We really hope you like these. All designs will be available on theCHIVERY this Thursday at 3 pm EST. Because this is the first launch and demand is so high, I would get there a little early!


John n' Leo

  • cutecanadianchivette

    KCCO eh' from Fort McMurray, Alberta!!! 🙂

  • Nicolas Ferraro

    Why not a black KCCO for the RCN? I could wear it at work …it's the official colour after all!

  • Tiz Guy

    I ain't from Canada but having a collection of chive stuff is awesome!!!!

  • Bzzliteyr

    Shrimpkin, I said the same thing!!

    I only wish the Chive would be doing a pre-sale for the military.

    • Bzzliteyr

      I'm in the military and on a military base, I know tons of people that think I have a horseshoe up my ass cause I have a knack for getting shirts when I order them. I have the pinks, DAR and mind the gap on the way… my whole budget is Chive stuff. I only wish they'd stop releasing them days apart. I'd love to save on shipping!!!

      • RCAFCanuck

        You're both damn lucky, is what you are. I've yet to make it home in time to order a shirt. This time, however, I'll order it from work if I have to.

        • Bzzliteyr

          I've been in an apple store when they went live before. Ordered from my iPhone with no hiccups!!

  • TCOW

    I think a lot of people need to read the slogan of the Chive Community….KEEP CALM & CHIVE ON

  • Bzzliteyr

    To the Chive:

    Thank you much for finally coming out with these designs.

    I question though where you got your sources for the military designs? It might have helped to make a post about colours and designs as you can see that the RCN and RCAF colours might be off a bit. The army green even has me wondering how close to the official colour it really is.

    I'm sure it's too late to change them now but here's hoping you fix this hiccup for the next batch!! PS, a V-Neck version of the Army shirt would be nice as when we wear our dress uniforms in summer, it's sometimes with an open collared T-shirt ( 3B ) .


  • William

    anyone noticed it says, Canadian check your Sundial?!? Geez John.. we're light years ahead of Sundial.. we're so using Universal equinoctial ring dial nowadays.. ( that's right peeps.. google that)
    good job on the shirts, now if i could find a way to bypass the server crash when this goes on sale!!
    Don't want to burst your bubble John, but you might have to have the french version printed somewhere otherwise quebec will complain (or just put "Le keep calm and carry on") so they don't feel so left out!

    • Bzzliteyr

      So now we'll take jabs at our own people? Le not cool.


      • William

        hahah touche!
        in my defence, i'm borned and raised in quebec so i'm allowed to make fun of it 🙂
        plus i don't want the chive to get sued for french laws that makes no sense…
        le KCCO


        • Bzzliteyr

          I'm a Montrealer and in the military… we need a "keep calm and poutine on"…

  • Demke


  • Cam R

    I think I speak for every Canadian that's ever laced them up when I say " Fuckin Rights!" Thanks Chive

  • gottaclimb

    Okay, going to geek out here first, but as the country that aggravated the world by bringing you the time zones (thank you Sir Sanford Fleming), I'm pretty sure we've left the sundial far in the past. I do believe that one of the clocks keeping UTC in Ottawa is a precisely calibrated Atomic clock.

    And damn these 3pm EST times… The military net doesn't like theChivery (I've tried) and I hate that I'm on duty lock-up this week even more now!

    • Bzzliteyr

      I've done my last orders on my iphone!!

      • gottaclimb

        Before my HTC committed harikari into the toilet on me, it was royally fucking up on me when the last set of KCCOs and BFMs came out. Haven't gotten Bell to hook my net up on my Crackberry that I replaced that phone with yet.

    • William

      way to burst my bubble with the Universal equinoctial ring dial hahah
      You're right about the military net, just use you're smart phone… ask another chiver to get you 1 🙂

      • gottaclimb

        It's odd with the DIN… Let's you on Chive, but not onto theChivery

        • Bzzliteyr

          Encryption levels are higher for the chivery.

    • Canadian MP

      Works on the military net in Ottawa.

  • Michael Martin

    Many thanks to @Shrimpkin for helping me KCCO and for offering to get me the new shirt. I hope i have the opportunity to pass this on in the future

    • DucNCover

      That would be 1 mens XXXL please.

  • Michael Martin

    Thanks that would be awesome. 3xl please

  • cdn_k3v

    Glad to see this, I hope I can grab me one! Thanks Chive

  • Slacktrack

    Just great. On my way to a new posting. Dilemma: get Canadian Army KCCO or sign paperwork for new house with lawyer? 😦

    • gottaclimb

      Army KCCO! Paperwork can be more flexible with timings.

  • Rmac

    It would be great if you could setup a time for us Aussies down here to maybe have a small chance at purchasing a shirt

    • Shrimpkin

      Size? Style? If you want one let me know, I'll add it to my list.

  • Curtis Grane

    FUCKIN EH!!!

  • Dave

    Chive!!! Make a Chicago edition KCCO!!! I'll buy like 15 of em!

  • KKa


  • Dee

    Cant wait to rock a canadian KCCO!!
    Love a loyal Alberta chivette

  • Steve Jungwirth

    Hey, I'm married to a Canadian and both my kids are duals: do I qualify to buy one? And those guys putting down the Canadian Armed Forces are nothing but trolls, F 'em

  • That Guy

    We need more of the 'Merica military KCCO shirts i have been waiting for ever.

  • Bryan

    I love your site and the military KCCO's rock. That being said, The Canadian Navy wears black t-shirts. For future possibilities. cheers.

  • Kato

    #2 Fuckin eh! Will be definitely reppin Vancity with one of these!

  • embarressed yank

    so, when the usa military shirt came out was there a bunch of Canadians bashing them? seems as a country are we so self centered, ignorant, and jealous the rest of the world hates us! embarrassed

  • justin

    lol sask. get a tme zone losers

    • David W. Taylor


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