First-look at the new Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s (7 Photos)

Two months ago when we launched the American Military KCCO's we received hundreds of emails from members of the Canadian Military requesting their own shirts. Done.

Then two weeks ago, we asked our Canadian Chivers to vote on which Canadian KCCO they liked best. The Red KCCO won easily. Y'all also made a very good point about not making a green version because you wanted to maintain the integrity of the current Green KCCO rather than diluting it. Sanctity maintained.The Red Canadian KCCO's will be available in Men's and Women's sizes.

At the end of the day, the Chivers dictate what you want and we listen. We really hope you like these. All designs will be available on theCHIVERY this Thursday at 3 pm EST. Because this is the first launch and demand is so high, I would get there a little early!


John n' Leo

  • justin

    should try to colour match them to our issued under shirts. not sure what my sargent major would think if he cought me wearing one on duty

  • ChadinHalifax

    THIS IS AMAZING! Chive, you are always there for the peoples requests! I am a serving Canadian Armed Forces member, and i NEED THIS SHIRT

  • EP Martin

    Great shirts, definitely getting a couple, but as a member of the Canadian Navy I have to point out that Navy and Air Force don't wear the same colour. You've got it right for the Air Force but the Navy wears black. Still getting some.


  • PottyPlant

    Is it bad that I want this shirt even tho I'm not Canadian? Are we even allowed to buy this? …. I kinda wanna since I miss out on the latest great white whale "the mind the gap shirts"

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  • stupid american

    thanks for all the maple syrup and stuff over the years, I hope you all get a shirt!

  • Den

    WOOHOO!!! About time… can't wait to get one 🙂

  • Dreski03

    I guess I'll be "that" guy.

    I'll first say that making a shirt for the Canadian Chivers and Chivettes is awesome! Shirt designs are great and representing the Canadian Military is a good look. Having a few Chive shirts myself, I still have a SLIGHT beef. All the items on this site more or less represent the site in an ambiguous way without drawing any ethnic, racial, or in this case national boundaries or leans (with the obvious exception to the US Military KCCO's). Again, repping the Canadian Military is a good look, but yall have gone farther and made a general "civilian" country specific item. While I'm not against this, if we are going to start going down the country specific route, maybe the home team should have been the first to be represented. This site being an American small business, the recent passing of the 4th of July, AND this being an Olympic year where everyone is rah-rah about their country? In my lowly random internet guy opinion I think a KCCO 'Murica/USA/Stars & Stripes would have been an awesome way to go first. Again, not against it, I just think reppin' the home team first would have been a good look.

    To my neighbors up north: Trolls are gonna troll, so treat em how they should be treated. Its the Internet. Nothing to get butthurt about.


    Keep it up John and Leo.


    • Dreski03

      Thanks man! Didn't mean to go on a rant or anything, just wanted to express an opinion. Just think though….Once you start having country specific gear, it opens up a pandoras box. Me with the 'MURICA KCCO, next will be someone wanting a England KCCO, Spain KCCO, ect., ect., ect. These shirts in general have to be a business model NIGHTMARE lol

    • David W. Taylor

      I'm Canadian, and I would definitely sport your shirt idea proudly. Love the stars and stripes, and your national anthem 🙂

  • Jess

    These are awesome! The Navy one should be black though…

  • andy

    this link says it all, from the people in the know, not the ignorant few

  • James

    Definitely want one. After 27 years active duty and 8 years working for the Air Force as a civvie I think I deserve to treat myself. Just hope I get there in time.

    From 4 Wing Cold Lake AB

  • Michael Erb

    So I am in America and I think these are pretty rad. I want one.

  • CanadianEh!

    What is with bashing our Canadian Military?

  • bryan

    yea the same military that has been doing a better job than yours in afghanistan and iraq. Oh and wait apparently we have to avoid getting accidentally bombed by your idiot air force bc ur that stupid and cant tell a difference between us and the enemy!

    • Bzzliteyr

      Thanks bryan.

      Unfortunately you are a very uninformed Canadian that believes we had troops in Iraq. This is not true and the only Canadian troops that were there (if any) were attached to units from other countries.

      Thanks for trying though. KCCO

  • USbaconrules

    Canada is an inferior country, have you seen there bacon?

    • Alex

      Man our bacon is just great! Especially if you get right from the butcher.

      • 'mericans

        Even better is when you spell "their" correctly!

  • IceStationKilo

    How about a version for all the British Chivers over here in the UK? I know there'd be a lot of interest for us Brits serving in the military too!

  • DarksiderChiver


  • AlbertaBound

    As a Canadian soldier currently serving overseas in Afghanistan…better believe ill be up at whatever un-godly hour I have to be to get my hands on one.

  • 2 CDO

    You missed one, maroon shirt with blue letters colors of the Canadian Airborne Regiment …… guess I'm goin Army gray.

  • fubarmax

    I only opened this gallery because I felt sure it would be 7 photos of the new shirts filled with some delicious Canadian T&A!

    • CanadianChivette

      I'll be sure to post some just for you once my shirt and chive panties come in!

      • fubarmax

        Awesome! There's just something about you Canadian girls that is uber-sexy! And you have got it!!!

  • CdnChivette

    You guys are awesome. I don't know how to message you on Intense Debate, but I did sign up for it if you wanted to message me. Pretty sure the military ones only come in men's sizes, if so I'd love a medium red one.

  • Zach

    Need them in black!!!

  • ChadInHalifax

    Just gotta say buds! Royal Canadian Navy, we wear black undershirts under our Naval combat dress, but its ok! I'll make do with a blue one. Thanks so much for this John! ….and to all other chivers… let the games begin!

  • William

    it took 4 mins for the Red Canadian KCCO shirt to be sold out… by the time i had put my credit card info and was ready to pay they were gone!!!!
    a little dissapointed here…

    • Stephanie

      I kept trying over and over and eventually got one about 15 minutes in… although just one for my boyfriend and not one for me 😦

      • William

        well that's ok, guys like girl that wear our shirts as PJ's with nothing underneath…
        i'd send some pictures to the chive, you know… to thank them 🙂
        all joking aside, congrats on the shirt, i'm sure he'll be very happy!

  • SeanYYC

    I had my order confirmation by 1:03mst for my red CDN KCCO!

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