Katie Morgan is using the Twitter Machine properly (26 Photos)

Katie Morgan's bubbly personality, sense of humor, and... other cool stuff have made her one of the most lovable and recognizable adult film stars of all-time. Katie's gone mainstream recently, appearing in TV shows like Entourage and films such as Kevin Smith's Zack and Miri Make a Porno. She can now be found nightly on her very popular podcast, Having Sex With Katie Morgan.

I started receiving sceenshots from Katie's Twitter a few months ago, she was wearing a very familiar green shirt. Turns out the girl loves theCHIVE, Katie tweets our galleries frequently. I had a look under the hood of Katie's Twitter Machine and it turns out she uses it… quite properly. Oh, and Katie, my adolescence thanks you.

Katie's Twitter Machine.

Say hi to Katie on her Twitter Machine.

  • Tim

    Oh look! another skank that looks like all the rest of them…. great.

    • Tim

      I just wish she didn't get the comically oversized implants. I think it ruins her look.

      Also, this is a different Tim.

      • crazydog

        not sure how you call them comically oversized…it'd be a miracle if shes a D cup.

  • kal50

    #1 Seth fu#@ing Rogan!!! Love to go drinking with that dude! Ya, she can come too I guess.

  • AboutGorramTime

    #12 #13 #14 I think she has a favorite angle of herself. All joking aside, rocking body.

  • Vicwick

    So sorry to hear about the dog. However, you can take at least a little comfort in those other two puppies you've got.

  • DrFunkenstein

    It's too bad she's got ugly @ss implants.

  • Drk Dgglr

    I know her from somewhere…

    • fap much?

      fap fap fap fap fap

  • Bubba

    there's a certain quality about her…#26

  • Randy


  • James

    #7….. She's an incredible chick! Beautiful, funny and I LOVE that voice!! Chive On Kates.

  • just4fun88

    I knew this day will come, when a pornstar turns into a chivette!

  • Honest

    I'm on a holiday with my wife. And every day at breakfast the young blond waitress sends me very flirtatious glances. Not to anyone else in that way. Whenever I move she stares at me trying to get eye contact. She's attractive and has nice tits and it is hard for me to concentrate during breakfast. I think she is turned on by this interaction that my wife is unaware of. When I bang my wife I think of the waitress.THE WAITRESS

  • Underbaker

    Well played sir, besides me how many people actually went back and checked out her eyebrows? #3

  • JLBugbee

    Well I feel your pain of your dog dying. Losing a pet can be worse than a human in some cases. Super duper hottie BTW!!

  • Brandon

    Have been a Katie fan for awhile. Love her sense of humor on her podcasts.

  • Nana

    …No butt, fake boobs and the face is not that great. …Meh.

  • Girly

    her face is kind of dog-ish

  • The DK

    hey i got beer and a bonfire. if your ever by cincinnati stop out.

  • Guest

    She's cute but not all that. She has no butt and she has fake breasts . What is it with all these women with fake breasts these days!? Seem so common these days. Real breast having women are becoming extinct..seriously

    • guest#2

      i have real ones!

  • Checksix

    I've heard that someone has acquired nude photographs of Ms. Morgan. I am hopeful that they somehow find their way onto the internet. Just imagine seeing her actually naked! Fingers crossed!

    • thejeans

      you do realize she was a porn star and nudes are easily accessible right?

      • FarmBoy

        *face palm*

    • crazydog

      retarded troll is retarded

  • https://www.facebook.com/o420x Oran Allen

    You are a dream of a women…the whole package darlin!

  • billyjack13

    She ain't THAT hot…. and her butt is flat… but I get she gives some killer head!

    • boonsfarm

      You would be the expert on giving killer head.

      • billyjack13

        No. You're thinking about your mom.

  • Kim

    #1 Far rite…Tracy Lords??

    • ChrisDG74

      Yep. She was "Bubbles" in that movie.

    • guest

      Yes. Tracy Lords.

  • boonsfarm

    Well, I will be going to pornhub now. Thanks for the warm up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heyitscarlos Carlos Rodriguez

    She's too cute for porn. I can never take her videos seriously.

  • PubicJones

    Porn is great.

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