Tan line Tuesday (42 photos)

  • johnny chimpo


    • 666

      love that toe

    • guest

      about a 7 on the fapometer.

    • Dee

      so much win in this pic

    • jewnicorn

      clearly #40 is the champ

  • yolo


    • danny2step


    • Ron Jeremy


      • Karl

        dont think so loooooser!!!! ha ha ha ha !!!

    • John

      Obviously not first dumass. When will people realize just because there is no comment shown does not mean u will b first Fcuking dumass lowlife losers

  • Macro

    #7 Great back!
    #34 Moar!

    • 650

      I feel like #5 could give Jessica Biel a run for her money

    • 650

      is #14 preggers?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

    #9 Good luck, and very nice

    • passwordistaco

      Have fun at Fort Jackson! They're gonna love you

    • etcrr 131p

      great post chive its like they have tan lines thank you for your cervix.

    • Jake

      Relaxin Jackson, have fun!!!

    • FunKiller

      Thank you for serving our county….you look amazing btw.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.ramos.355 James Ramos

    #16 #25 sexy tan lines!

    • marco

      hot damn. #16 makes me want to take a nap and lay my head on that booty.

  • danny2step

    Tattoos and tan lines… It's all I've ever asked for in a woman.

    • Mark

      Then even though 29 looks amazing, you'll probably enjoy #28 more 😀

    • Jake

      In my opinion, I prefer a girl to be pale (like Hayley Williams) rather than to have tan lines; I cannot stand tan lines.

    • dave

      which eventually leads to tan lines and faded, crummy looking tats. I like the pics, but sunblock girls, please, for your own sake.

  • Jak

    #20 Jesus fuck balls!!! #31 toe!!

    • Jak

      Da fuck happened?? #30 was number 31 when it was posted..

      • 1911

        Lidia Barbieri (NSFW)

      • guest

        about an 8 on the fapometer

    • Lookin 4 Mike Hunt

      1,000,000,000,000,000 sperm swimmin in yo' mama … and YOU'RE the one that made it? WTF!

  • HOOK

    #20, on fire!

  • MylesofStyles

    #23 No, thank you.

    • Yeah

      He's thanking her back, not criticizing her.

      • MylesofStyles

        Thank you for your literacy. You are a rare breed, friend.

    • 3stan

      That is one fantastically sexy tush. Looks wonderful.

  • Boozer

    So dreamy! Mmmmm…boobies! Off to the Redneck Riveriera. Thanks #30

    • Sarex

      My god, the photoshop on this one…I mean, you can't even see the chain…

      • Sarex

        was talking about this one #29

        • https://www.facebook.com/micky.arnold Micky Arnold

          Ugh agreed. Photoshop overload, it looks more like a cartoon now. For all we know that could be the pope.

    • dick trickle

      mmmm…camel toe

    • MonkeyMadness

      Have you ever seen a real woman before? I don't see any boobies in this picture… just a well manicured camel toe. 🙂

      • Jak

        Something got fucked up. It was number 30 when it was posted

        • Jak

          31 I mean

    • Yaknow

      I'll have some toe with my tan line please.

    • Ken

      Yay! Clamlines!

    • http://twitter.com/Savage3O8 @Savage3O8


    • Yeah


    • Notknowing

      How 'bout we start camel toe tuesdays? Anyone?

      • Firefighter Chiver

        I'll second that

    • halfassed911

      ermahgerd ma fravrit

  • O.M

    #20 really need MOAR

  • BigtotheD

    #20 So damn sexy


      I agree, need more

  • Big Dave


    • thebeefinjector

      #30 made my mouth water…

    • Truth

      Toe line Tuesday!

    • john

      oh my-lanta!!!!

  • chiver

    #37 so hot…

  • Juju Bee

    Tan lines are disgusting. I honestly hate every single one of these pics.

    • Boozer

      Funny…you think the headline "Tan Line Tuesday" would have been warning enough. You're here why?

    • Costanza

      "Hate"?!?? Really? Even a hetero female would recognize the notness of #20. You must be a very, very, VERY gay male. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just thought you should know.

    • Chiver

      Then dont look?

    • 4984

      agreed. reminds me of skin cancer.

      • calm_as_a_bombKCCO

        don't be a cancer

    • Notknowing

      Haters gotta hate.

    • WisGal_KCCO

      I actually totally agree with you. And yet I look anyway, because of the boobs. Eh well..

  • drbman

    #18 long live the black thong!

    • Rodi

      I'd rather eat her than anything from one of those food posts. Yummy.

    • Ranger Rick

      doee doee doee!!!!! sorry this pic made me go retarded for a second!

  • DemonDan

    #35 Beautiful!… hows about MOAR!

    • https://www.facebook.com/jbsteen12 JimBob SŦeen

      I think I may know who this is.

      • FunKiller

        Do share, please!

  • Definitely

    #18 So she wears granny panties in the sun and then a thong?

    • HOOK


    • Thats right!

      I think she wears a bikini when she goes to the beach/tans and a thong for me!

    • Kowabunga

      who cares! that's a fine ass…

  • Chivero

    Chive, tan lines are nice and all, but what ever happened to the yoga pants/volleyball shorts/knee high socks posts?!

    • rAs

      Those posts are on summer vacation. In the meantime, KCCO.

  • mmm

    now this is the chive i love not some man running around in heels …… and i love the toe in #31 she rocks kcco

  • Bread Brizzle

    #15 Tan Line Tuesday has seen its better weeks!

  • Romeo

    #25 #31 sexy

  • Iso

    I think I am in love with #27

    • cpb

      thought that was a dude

    • cpb

      you had #26 up there at first

      • Iso

        I didn't change it. The numbering changed.

  • Kyle429

    MOARR of #10!!!!

    • McSmizzle

      no thanks.. those are some of the worst looking tattoos I've seen on a girl

    • http://www.facebook.com/daron.diepenbruck D Jay Diepenbruck

      I agree..you with, not him.

    • Schnizz56

      This woman looks simply gorgeous!!

    • Notknowing

      Agreed. But maybe hand bra for burns day.

  • Ryan

    #9…….I know that Chivette!!!!! Way rock the tanlines D!!!!!

    • Ryan

      any chance you will show me those in person? while holding this watermelon?

    • FunKiller

      Care to share with the rest of the class? Who is this gorgeous Chivette risking her life for our country?

    • Lookin 4 Mike Hunt

      I think I know her too!! But would have to see her from behind (bent over) to know for sure!!!

      • I love Mike Hunt

        I know where Mike Hunt is…I used to play baseball with Mike Hunt…have you had any luck locating Mike Hunt?

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