• Lucas Rappa

    HA! hope that dude doesnt like sex because that's not happening for a while for him.

  • Smitty

    Where ever they are going, when they get there, there will be hell to pay. For his sake I hope they are not going to see HER inlaws.

  • Jack Wagon

    Genius. Sheer genius. That dude is my hero and I hope to one day pull off that prank half as good as he did hahahaha

  • Canadastani

    "sorry. That was funny. "

    I just pissed my pants

  • Matt

    Best part is…this lady actually filed for divorce after this. True Story

  • Jake

    F**** Idiot is driving on a highway, behind a truck, kids in the back, making a video. May god be with them…

    • Adam

      THANK YOU!!!! Holy fuck I thought no one was going to point that out!

    • MichaelSchuhmacher

      …says the guy to dumb to drive…geez, it is not that much of a deal, you americans are only driving 120 km/h max anyways…which is slooooooooow.

  • Chris Dublin Chiver

    Pretty sure that was a set up. The wife stopped screaming after half a second.

  • SRH

    Guy looking half baked, filming on his mobile and d**king around in the car with his young son in the back seat. Yeah hilarious.

  • Henree Arriola de Garcia

    and this is how people die… recording and driving.
    fucking moron.

  • Evan

    Sadly shortly after this was filmed they hit by on coming truck, and all were killed, parts of the baby were never found

  • Rich

    #49 is niceNo poon in his future

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  • TheManOnTheStreet

    Typical. Kids are acting up inthe back seat and what does the "mom" do? sleep. That ought to help him concentrate on driving…


  • IrishMan

    Pretty sure he just got divorced. Or no nookie for weeks.

  • trouble

    I see a fleshlight in his future

  • Vol Fire ST. 5109

    This one is better in my opinion, even if it's from a movie.

  • @EastCoastALivin


  • kitty_karloso

    And he never got laid again. The End!

  • Nick

    Omg, that was soooooooooo funny!!!!!

    …he is seriously gonna get in trouble thou 😦

  • MohawkJon

    Who's not getting laid tonight…
    That guy.

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