The “Hipster Olympics” exist, and suddenly I want to live in a cave (30 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • ghost fan


    • Amber

      Is your name referencing Ghost the musician?

    • Karl


    • man_utdmasta

      suppose you're the sort of person who would attend one of these events?


    • Oliver Buckmaster

      Lambda lambda lambda

    • meaty

      hahahahaha what a boss:) everyone is just mad cause they werent first!

  • joemamma

    Dumbest shit I've ever seen…

    • atheist

      Head down to your local church and I guarantee you'll find something far dumber.

      • joemamma

        Why do I have this feeling that you're a Hipster

        • NoOneLovesYou

          I'd say he's a douchebag more than a hipster

          • Mr.Do

            they are having fun – just like any one of us that visit the Chive on a daily basis. I'm not defending the idiocracy, but I am defending people enjoying themselves and not harming others.

            • Kristen

              You're a fag.

              • greg

                well…yea, I AM, whats the problem here?

                • wwf

                  your breath smells like poo

            • Kristen

              Shut up, fag.

              • Ryan

                Well…ya..Greg up there is. I think he has a problem with it.

    • Pretty Smile

      #10 about sums it up

    • P01337iKeR

      They are doing this sh** to make fun of the hipsters and their livestyle!

      "Die Veranstalter hatten sich die albernen Disziplinen ausgedacht, um das Hipstertum auf die Schippe zu nehmen – dieses merkwürdige Phänomen westlicher Großstädte wie New York, London, Barcelona oder eben Berlin. Klar ist: Hipster wollen rebellisch und individuell erscheinen. Weil sich bei ihnen aber alles ums eigene Aussehen und die neuesten Apps und Accessoires dreht, haben sie für eine echte politische Haltung keine Zeit."

  • Harold TX

    This is so sad on so many levels.

    • thedude325

      Hipsters are so fucking depressing….

      • Will

        lols its funny because all of the hate comments sound like something a hipster would say

        • Shenanigans

          The Hipster Olympics seem too mainstream.

    • Ken

      Are all hipsters, aside from being closet homosexuals skinny?! Not a fat one in the bunch!

      • FunKiller

        That's cause food is too mainstream.

        • The Crowd


  • AssClown

    I'll rather live with them on this planet than those Russian douchewaffle types tbh.

  • Jamie G


    • Mr.Do

      they are having fun – just like any one of us that visit the Chive on a daily basis. I'm not defending the idiocracy, but I am defending people enjoying themselves and not harming others.

      • Kristen

        You're a faggot hipster.

        • EdmondF

          You dear are hilarious…don't let him get away with that shit.

    • Binteresting

      Go ahead, take the cowards way out.

    • truth

      I totally agree. I want you to eat a bullet too.

    • aaa

      no shit

    • Wallmaster

      Speaking of eating, I am hungry…

  • Dave

    This is too sad, and the guy who said "first suck it" you are gay

    • Heh

      Because gay is bad, y'know.

      Just ask Chick-Fil-A.

  • kellar15

    I'm honestly speechless right now.

  • jeremy

    Kill it! Kill it all!

    • neek

      This is where Breivik (Norway shooter), Hassan (Fort hood shooter), Holmes (dark night shooter), Cho (Vtech shooter) should have committed their crimes.

      • jeremy

        ummmm…too soon. definitely too soon

  • HamptonsWorld80

    I did a hipster last week…

    • melindu

      i was doing hipsters before it was cool

    • Underbaker

      I don't think masturbating counts.

      • a-nom


      • HamptonsWorld80

        Underbaker 1 Me 0

        • Underbaker

          Sorry HamptonsWorld80, it was just to good to pass up.

          • HamptonsWorld80

            Hell that had me rolling in my office!

    • Sam Krehbiel

      Careful, man. That shit is contagious.

    • Rich

      Did he sob and get all emo after?

    • Skeletor

      You should probably get yourself tested for douchitis.

  • Peter

    This seems like a bunch of non-hipsters dressing up like hipsters and crashing the party. Most of them are too cool looking to be hipsters.

  • Andrew

    That's not the Hipster Olympics. This is the Hipster Olympics

    • adxasd

      I don't know which group is performing most sarcastically, the fake Olympics or the real one…

    • Unfkngblvbl

      That dude on the left looks like Aaron Rodgers.

    • gnocco

      No PBR, this is bullshit.

  • MOAR

    Instagram might have to have their backup server ready during this event.

    • Shawn

      How much does a hipster weigh?….an instagram

  • Unfkngblvbl

    You mean there WAS a hipster olympics…it's too mainstream now.

    • yaaa

      buh dum tsss*

    • wood

      Now they're just doing it ironically

  • Sean

    the red head in #1; then #7; and #23 – I would.

  • Concord


  • DanFromDetroit

    This looks an awful lot like a normal night out in Portland OR. In fact I swear I've seen some of those girls at the Doug Fir before.

  • James Ramos

    Oh fer fucks….

  • Brozay22

    i want to fight all of those people.

    • Sean


  • andy

    WTF. kinda of fairy tale shit is that…

  • AL EX

    ….this is one of those things that after reading it I am dumbfounded and all I can do is stare at my screen with my mouth open and can't think of anything to say

    • loves sammiches

      I'm the same way with the Burnsday posts

  • RYNO!

    If only one of the competitions was for non hipsters and you won by shanking as many as possible in 60 seconds. If only…

  • fuzzy_1

    makes me want to punch someone repetively in the FACE.

  • Fuzzy adams

    Dirty hipsters

  • Macro

    Well, at least we know where to drop the nuke now.

    • Dan Holt

      Super like comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TomatoTipper

    If this is what hell is like I'll never sin again.

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