The “Hipster Olympics” exist, and suddenly I want to live in a cave (30 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • A Concerned Citizen

    It just looks like a bunch of quirky young adults having fun. Why the hate.

  • fox

    Wow I hope no one else in SF sees this post or I'm sure half the 99% protesters will start demanding we host something like this here too.

  • Boner

    We should get the major networks to broadcast this.

  • Jpadawan666

    These aren't hipsters, there just your average, ordinary, everyday, elitist douchebags. There needs to be a word for that…

  • TCMuc

    At least they don't take themselves as seriously as many people here do….

  • meh

    let me in the cave, bob

  • Robbo

    The old SNL skit "Sprockets" has come to fruition apparently.

    At least it hasn't spread to the US…yet.

  • Zuke

    Eh, but somehow that seems a lot more like a bunch of people ironically acting like hipsters than actual hipsters. Real hipsters usually don't acknowledge being hipsters. They like to believe they transcend labels.

    Also, I'm guessing things start getting pretty complicated when you have to do ironic things ironically like ironically wear an ironic mustache. We're reaching some pretty heavy layers of irony here. Of course the things hipsters do often stop being ironic and begin just being stupid the moment they do them, but still.

  • Tyler Walker

    Pretty sure I'm the only one here that doesn't think this is extremely pointless and moronic, but I actually wanna go next year.

  • just me

    Damn hippys…. I mean hipsters

  • Tim

    #22 Can somebody please explain the phenomenon of girls doing this mustache thing?

  • Curtis Savvy Quick

    #28 is hot for a hipster!!

  • Adam

    This is IRONIC of course. They are making fund of themselves. Why are your freaking out about this? This people are just having FUN, nothing more, nothing less.

  • eldorado

    looks fun … stupid, but fun i would like to run around and do these stupid things.

  • MohawkJon

    #22 No! no! Think up an original idea. Who wants a mustache girl anyway?

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    […] Style | Hipster Olympics Laura August 3, 2012 at 3:31 pm Style The highly prestigious tradition of athleticism has finally grazed the hearts of world viewers this year. We have seen multiple countries come together to compete in events proving strength, courage, flexibility, agility and mental capabilities. What was most important this year was their uniforms, their hipster uniforms. This year Berlin hosted the first Hipster Olympics to ever graze the earth. The competitions consisted of drunken record spinning, confetti tossing and horned-rimmed glasses throwing, and a skinny jean tug-o-war. The crowd was at their most apathetic as they occasionally glanced over to cheer for their favorite team. […]

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