This is what passes for fashion in Spain nowadays (30 Photos)

Victor’s Facebook page HERE

  • wjaram

    You know how I know you're gay?

  • Dean

    Just have the sex change operation and get it over with.

  • Sade

    Lovely shoes, but why (oh why) are they on a man's feet???

  • Josh

    I wouldn't do it, but good for him.

  • svp

    just one picture was enough

  • hmmm

    do you think he knows just how fucking gay he is?

  • Oran Allen

    Why would you do a post like this…ruined my daily chive

  • Bran

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore

  • Charlie

    WOW a gay man wears heels!!! WELL I NEVER

  • ihatethispost

    don't ever put something like this on chive again

  • Joshy

    Please don't ever put anything this disturbing on the chive again

  • DFS

    I corrected th above verbage:

    "Blanco thinks that only SUCKING COCKS can make a man look really stylish. And…yeah, so this is Victor Blanco.

  • Caleb

    His dad must be proud

  • bill

    its his right to wear high heels,as it is my right to point aznd laugh at him

  • Josh

    Chive, I compliment you, because posting this shows how much "KCCO" means. Nothing. 😉

  • 3sixty productions

    If you look like a women act like a women dress like a women …….pretty sure your a women! Don't know what happened to men being men

  • fuckthisplanet

    It's stupid fucks like this that piss me off. I bet this asshole makes a SHIT load of money for being a tard.

  • chades

    Ten bucks says he gets a sex change within 5 years….

  • Christopher Yabumoto

    I guess its just weird because we just aren't used to it…

  • troy

    still not gayer that twilight

  • Poke4Life

    #19 What. The. Fuck.

  • @whitneynicklas

    I am so disappointed in you Chive. As "liberal" as you seem this post is filled with so much hate. You're inspiring hate. Adding a link to this gentlemans FB page is incredibly inconsiderate. Today I am embarrassed to call myself a Chivette. @thechive

  • justin

    yeah I live and work in San Francisco, and even the super queens here would make fun of

  • Bob

    #3 100% gay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous.. Glad I carry a weapon.. Never know what targets might present

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