This is what passes for fashion in Spain nowadays (30 Photos)

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  • Ragitator

    Spanish butt pirate…good thing I carry, never know what targets you may have

  • MikeDC

    I wonder what his girlfriend thinks about this.

    I kid.

  • Jurvog


  • poopstainsonyourmom

    Pretty fucking stupid. It's one gay guy in Spain.

  • @StAiChiLLin

    Holy Jesus. This better not catch on over here in the states.

  • anon

    this post title is misleading, these pics dont represent all of Spain. It should be titled "Fag from Spain: 30 Photos"

  • Royds

    STOP !!! NO. I just finished winning an argument about how, despite news stating that women for the first time in history have scored higher on IQ tests than men, men were still smarter because high heel shoes were made by men and worn by women. Without a possible rebuttal… end of arguement. Now this?

    I've even been called metrosexual but if this is the new man, I'm handing in my card.

  • Originalityrules

    Well i guess this is the new "thing". kids wearing snapbacks shall also were this fashion trend.

  • ottawaguy44

    Your Man Card has been REVOKED!!! Please never watch football, hockey or MMA anytime for the rest of your life! Also my dear Chive workers. I am very secure in my masculinity, but would rather not see these pictures after getting half torqued looking at sexy tan lines. Please send all future pictures of this fruit boot to TheBerry.


  • WisGal_KCCO

    I don't know what's worse.. this or the hipster olympics. Same level of wrong.

  • Ferlaiker

    I'm a chiver from Spain, and i don't approve this fashion trend. Oh Lord!!!! Kill him, kill him with fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biggie

    My cankles hurt just looking at those pics. Work it Vickie!

  • Zapp Brannigan

    He sure needs it; his calves lack definition otherwise.

  • Commander Cool

    "how do I tell my mum that I love to cross dress, without breaking her heart?… I know! I'll become a fashion designer and slowly but surely start wearing womens' clothes! that'll be sure to work.."

  • Rey

    Gays wearing high heels? They're NOW just doing that?

    Slopoke.jpg at Spain

  • tommytwotime

    this whole thing is fucked…

  • Pottyplant

    I disagree with everything that is this post.

    Hey my fiancé and I are huge chivers and we need everyone's help! We are trying to win a free wedding in Geneva, IL but need votes to do so. Copy the link below and vote for SARAH and JOHN. PLEEEEEEASE!

  • chivettelover

    jesus there's an awful lot of gay bashing going on.. who gives a shit if some man somewhere wears high heels.. any Bowie fans out there? smart people chive also right, because the comments on this post make me think otherwise? wellll im sooo KCCO i don't give a fuck what anybody wears , not hurting me

  • anon. mouse

    WOW: time I left the Chive. What do we have here .. anyone that don't fap to gap, anyone that don't have a rack full of 9.00mm and a few auto load, or anyone that can't  steer a 12cyl with nitrox eating a supersize with one hand ( while chugging jack straight, buddy), is therefore a fucktard, a douche, a fag etc etc etc. tedious and tiresome.

    But the intolerance level is high … which is why most of the rest of the world do not actually believe we've saved them .. most of them wish we had stayed the fuck away . .. in passing, yeah iI get history, but the truth is we have never, EVER, gone anywhere that did not suit OUR puspose …

    … considering we built this nation on hard work, tolerance and difference, (while trying to destroy every other indigenous culture, including our own, because of their difference), we've just largely ended up noisy and stoopid. And I mean largely.

    This site used to make me laugh, smile and yeah .. I don't mind a bit of T & A … and some of the harmless trolling is a bit witty .. no Carlin's amongst you tho …

    … but as Oscar Wilde once said .. "Tit, without wit is shit"

    So ltr., interweb buddies … don't forget to keep buying those t"s … brand yourselves … personally I think it won't be long to where the most popular Chive T will have a green shirt and a nice loud proud red neck.

    Troll Away.

  • Zuke

    Bro, if you want to cross dress go all out. Don't hold back. Do what makes you happy.

    Plus then when people look at him and don't see his shoes and purse, rather than thinking "Oh, there's a regular fairly handsome looking fellow." only to realize he's not so regular once they see the girl's heels he's sporting, they'll simply know from the get go "Ok, he's one of *those* guys…".

    The thing that makes it pretty weird and not just quirky is that, as I said, they're women's heels. They're meant to look sexy on *women*. Women can easily get away with wearing a good portion of male clothing without looking particularly strange, and certain other footwear can be unisex. Heels were designed for females, and should be worn by females. I'm not even sure why a male would want to try to wear them, seeing as most women can tell you they aren't exactly super comfy a lot of times.

  • Ranger Rick

    And he takes it in the ass. This shows how fucked up the fashion world is. No straight guy finds anerexic models sexy only the gay designers do.

    • Ranger Rick

      give me sofia verigara any day

  • Alex

    If it ain't boots, MENS dress shoes, or converse, I'm not wearing it!

  • Prezz222


  • heywood jablome

    this guy is so far past gay he couldn't get a bus back to gay. not that there's anything wrong with that…

  • Niitsitapi13

    It's all the same guy. He's a huge game and talk show host and if you can't tell, he's flaming; like a conflagration. This man is his own pride parade.

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