This is what passes for fashion in Spain nowadays (30 Photos)

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  • Guest

    I bet he's really short

  • April C

    It took me about 12 pictures in to realize he carries a purse as well. WTF?

  • Zach

    so these are all fags right? i hope no straight guys dress like that…

  • John Pipkin


  • Sergio

    Short man syndrome

  • Nick

    Fuck you, Victor. Just…fuck you.

  • Danny Gunn

    The seal is yelling GAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!

  • TommyB


  • Fox

    Wow! I wonder what his girlfriend thinks of this……….wait a minute…..

  • Dave Davies

    Hipsters. Here is your God

  • Savannah Joy West

    this is so wrong.

  • Rachel

    More power to him for pulling this trend off, I wish I could always rock heels like him! There is no need to be homophobic, he's expressing himself and more power to him. I respect that more than all of you haters. LOOKING FABULOUS VICTOR!

  • FiddleMeThisBatman

    you better not america,

  • matt

    firstly its kcco, not kcco-if youre straight otherwise eff off. secondly that outfit is flaming even for europe.

  • RussZ

    Quickly… Burn it… Burn it with fire before it lays eggs.

  • Krazy882011

    Are you serious?!?!?

  • Mike

    my nuts shrivelled a bit….

  • chicken

    Dude looks like a layday!

  • Lawrence Panis


  • Alex

    I hope you don't think that men in Spain are wearing heels!!!
    It's just a way he found to appear in the media…
    Anyway I would wear a skirt as Scotish but for sure no highheels….

  • vsinertia

    ase mas kouklitsa mas

  • Biff

    I shudder to think how he looks walking down the street in those. Excuse me while I puke!

  • MolEch

    Ok…. Someone needed more beatings as a child!!!

  • ChiverYEG

    That is quite possibly gayer then two dicks touching….

  • Mac06

    you got some issues bro!! they not hurting anyone.. (or have you been hurt in the past??) haha! and yet.. you looked through the whole entire post.. and THEN still read the comments.. this should tell you summin i think.. close your eyes… ignorant dumbass!!

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