This is what passes for fashion in Spain nowadays (30 Photos)

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  • Ryan Joel

    The return of GAYLORD!!! At a Spain near you…. coming soon… lol….

  • Kayvon

    This is NOT happening…!!!

  • Chris

    I never wear my orange pumps with my silver pants, how 2011 of him.

  • Jim Burke

    This guy makes Nathan Lane look like one of Chuck Norris' drinking pals!

  • Bob

    That's just plain fucked up.

  • JoeyB

    Nothing wrong with gay, but creepy fags. Please stay over there.

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    Fuck this post already, nobody agrees!! you fuckers

  • Anomanom

    I just LMAO at the phrase "pickle smoochering"

  • Buckuphomos

    So many insecure 'straight' guys commenting here. You all are aware that the more homophobic you are, the more likely you are to be a closeted homosexual?

    Guys, it's ok to love cock. No one cares anymore. If having a penis in your mouth makes you happy, go ahead and suck that dick.

    Cause honestly, there's nothing more pathetic than seeing 13 pages of faggots-in-denial screaming 'gay!'

  • Lala Girl


  • WTF

    WTF!!!! Seriously gay or not, I couldn't care less, but WTF!!!

  • n0tn0rmal

    thats what happens when you were born with a small dick and no balls…

  • Anon Cow

    Its a trap

  • Hisho

    this is seriously fucked up.

  • Nicholas Manrique

    what the fack

  • A spanish guy.

    I’m from spanish and I must say that his man DO NOT represent us.

    Chive on!

  • vvvv

    Oh look an stylist

    Aaaaaaand its gay

  • Karl

    Um who cares…..

  • timmy4383

    this guy couldnt get any more

  • ducatismo

    sooooo….how does he run with the bulls?

  • Harry Wyckoff

    Old news – Prince was wearing heels for the past 20 years… and pulling it off way better too…

  • Sentinel

    Wat Da faq !!

  • Dave

    nothin gay about those shoes not at all

  • Spanish chiver

    WTF?!?! Because one spanish idiot wear high heels, you think all the spanish wear that?? So I should have a really bad impression of usa…

  • ahhhhhfuckyou

    Oh yeah. Totally straight

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