This is what passes for fashion in Spain nowadays (30 Photos)

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  • lukinhas


  • that guy

    #17 No, not cool bro.

  • Beef


  • Coop

    What about this is "stylish"? I see a drag queen wearing casual clothes rather than a dress.

  • Nishtai

    I think he's trying to tell us something…
    If you're a manly man and want to wear high-heels. Aaand you're a fashion designer or expert or what have you, you'd have some shoes done specially for you, not wear big foot's wife heels.

  • Ferngully

    I see you checked in your man card years ago…

  • wkdfrog

    #3 OK, so he is clearly not sporting what 99% of the Chive male viewers would wear, but steady on the vile agro posters – free choice and all that good stuff, it's not like he is hurting anyone else!

  • Ekim

    All of these pics should have been under the last post: Do Not Want

  • CLTChiver

    Kill it with fire!!

  • RawDogger

    You better have an awsome hump day tomorrow to make up for this!

  • N/A

    Sexy. He wears them better than most women.

  • Aaron

    Guarantee these will be the next "Sick Kicks" on Tosh..

  • Jezebel

    hey, if a guy wants to wear high heels, why the hell shouldn't he? break down gender barriers, man! after all, they're just shoes.

  • Rollee

    Mother of God…. Chive the DAR better be phenomenal… I need to get this out of my memory!

  • @kastelicb

    Kill it with fire… that is all.

  • Jason

    Im deployed to spain right now, u dont see shit like that here.. its just one guy.. Im not gonna lie though, these fucks do dress pretty fruity but its not nearly as bad as these pictures dictated

  • JustTrollin

    Gay much?!

  • Karl

    Let this be a lesson to all you Cocaine abusers…this is what it turns you into.

  • Ina

    WTF? Why? And why so many photos?

  • Mallorking

    I'm from Spain!!! that's not fashion in Spainl!! Please remove the title!!!! A jeureeeeeee

  • CharlottesDada

    Tranny Tuesday's

  • ken Kaniff

    dude looks like a lady..a hairy lady… with a p#n*s… at least if you gonna drag… put some effort!

  • charlie

    Why? People are so starved for attention these days they will do anything to get noticed, even if its for the wrong reason. Hopefully he tanks as a trend setter.

    • unimpressed

      How is this news… cross dressers have been doing this for years….

  • pitaru

    #19 no words needed

  • Damian

    I know as kids we all tried on our moms shoes, how the fuck do you wear high heels? I mean gotta give women some credit there those things are ankle breakers.

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