This is what passes for fashion in Spain nowadays (30 Photos)

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  • Patrick D. Ebarra

    this is what happens when u stay in the friend zone waaaayyyyyy to long SMH!!!!

  • DB Conor

    I think it's a really good look. She should do something about that facial hair though–and maybe grow her hair out longer.


    Well that was gay, why would you do that to us chive? Some homo does some homo thing and we are supposed to cheer him on? No thanks. More random and more broads….less gay…how about no gay?

  • Jim

    Faaaa*. Wtf is wrong with him? I bet he tucks his penis to form a mangina.

  • TXCherokee

    (low wide) heels on boots, okay. Cowboys and Cubans proved that is manly. But high and narrow on open shoes? I think not.

  • Superman

    Zombie Apocalypse where yhe F' are you??? Let's start cleansing!!


    im almost 99.9% certain, that this guy loves the cock.. 99.9%

  • SirBoobsalot

    Fuck that noise. I'm out

  • Post full of WTF!

    What? Really? Why? There have got to be pictures of cats or gaps that need minding or something! I don't think the gay demographic is very big at the Chive, so, future posts of male fashion designers in high heels are no longer necessary!

  • BTME

    High Heels. CheckHigh Heels. Check
    Clutch or purse. Check
    Man Card. Revoked

    And for the record, Eddie Izzard is the only guy that looks good in heels.

  • delliup

    even crossdressers dont go down that path of course i undetstand nothing about fashion but know that doesnt look good

  • Face

    I would like to be taller, but not in that way

  • Dustin

    Wow, put a gay man in heels on here and all the homophobes and gay bashers just come right out of the woodwork. KCCO but fuck homosexuals, they just suck! Nice chivers……..

  • mmm

    come on chive whats up with this post he should just cut off his wiener and be done with it and dont post this shit again its not chive worthy …… kcco

  • Do it for Van Gogh

    He's doing this because he's short. That's it. Everything up top can pass for fashionable [in terms of the fashion industry], but standing next to the models in the pictures, without the heels he would look shorter. He literally picked the worst way possible to overcome his height disadvantage in an industry where women are taller than average. Now he looks rediculous. If this catches on, I'm going to punch any man that I see wearing heels on general principal.

  • Terrence

    Wow chive never post something like this agin!!

  • ThaGnome

    Epicly Queer

  • steve

    Hey Bob… posting this shit has your man card in serious jeprody. Lay off the Queerios for awhile

  • Jamie G

    I'm sure Justin Bieber will try to start that here in the states…


    Do not want!

  • calm2chaos

    Omg…. a gay man in Spain…. who would of thunk it…..

  • Jamie Leigh Hilty

    ok add spain to the terrorist most wanted list. this is mass destruction to masculinity. hang them for there crimes against humanity.

  • mark

    Is he gay?

  • Joe

    This guy makes Elton John look like a real straight shooter.

  • joe


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