This is what passes for fashion in Spain nowadays (30 Photos)

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  • hazmatt

    I live in Chicago. I recently had to go dress shopping with my girlfriend at some trendy, "high fashion" places. All the dudes (term used loosely) that worked in the store were prancing around in high heels. I was shocked, but, was able to keep calm. Thank you Jack Daniels.

  • Kyle429
  • mrkerrdontplay

    heels, purses, women's clothes. in america, it's called being a drag queen. in europe, it's "fashion."

  • drbman

    #29 and how is there economy doing again?

  • Juice

    Chive WTF!!! Why did you feel the need to share this with us?

  • Anon-o-moose


  • Jamie Leigh Hilty

    I have lost hope to this planet. No wonder aliens have not invaded yet. They see us do shit like this and say "fuck these fuckers are already fucked up, no need to fuck them up"

  • sebastian

    muuuuuuyyyyyyy putoooooo (translate) soooooo gaaaayyyyyyyyy

  • Bradyized

    He stands like a woman and I'm guessing shaves his legs. It just looks…. weird. And horrible.

  • Airmaxx23

    So because he's short and needs high heels to make himself taller than the women it's now fashionable? IDIOT!!!

  • Norm

    Ya im sure those pumps are gonna look great in a 13 wide….. poser

  • countrygirl66

    He doesn't look any more ridiculous in them than women do.

  • KCCO123

  • Nate

    Isn't this the country where people go to run from bulls? How the hell are you supposed to run in high heels? He looks like he wouldn't mind getting gored in the ass anyways

  • mek1936

    My guess is that even his boyfriend thinks he is gay!

  • Ric Switzer

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • thatgirldownsouth

    personally, steel toe>stiletto

  • Mullet

    You know what goes great with high heels? A dick in yer mouth. ffffaaaabulous!

  • Crashfistfite

    A short guy found a way to bring his fetish out of the closet.

  • Kevin Balder

    um… no.

  • zuksofhazzard

    That's perfectly normal… If you are Gay or NOT Straight.

  • Evan852

    comes with such accessories as a dress, makeup, and tampons to have the complete look!

  • Matt

    I wouldn't fuck that queer with your dick and someone else pushin

  • Makster87

    1 over the top, flaming gay boy right there.

  • Pwnapotamus

    He's got a purty mouth…

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