This is what passes for fashion in Spain nowadays (30 Photos)

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  • Emaly S. Munguia

    He obviously has a show fetish. He seems to wear normal if not Hipster cloths and the only truly odd thing is his choice of foot wear. The guys on here are always drooling over obviously underage girls or crying they want more boobs.. How is this guy different except he chooses shoes over perv.

  • @Moefatty

    Why so many pics of something nobody really wants to see? I demand extra FLBP for this

  • D Rock

    I belive the term in Espanola is pernounced HOE-TOE!

  • LuncHBox

    I think my Gaydar just went off…on myself…for looking at this thread

  • Marco

    fuck – it's i don't want to live on this planet anymore tuesday..

  • Jeff

    Talk about being a little light in the loafers…

  • Anonymous

    This is the end! Men, we lost our way

  • RLY?!

    As a german i won't pay a cent for them .. what a gall O_o

  • santos

    I don't wanna live in this world anymore.

  • Guest

    This is wrong on so many levels

  • prostreet68

    Pillow biting gay.

  • Kerouac

    This guy is fuckin Buffalo Bill…Someone check his house for a well and skin suits

  • GargoyleB

    You know what sound his car makes sitting at a red light? 'Homo homo homo homo'

  • SkillinVillain

    Since when is being ultra gay mean you're a "stylist and a fashion expert"? …. Oh wait, never mind. Do they have a steel-toe version? t(O.o)t

  • Frnandow

    Im surprised it took this long for someone to try this kind of crap! fucking atention whore

  • Jason

    Posts of girls only had one photo in them and this one has 50?!?! Y'all are messing up


    My guess; The dude has a Napolean complex… he doesn't want to be short anymore.
    Sure he's probably gay – so what, that's just one more chick out there on the positive side of my ratio.
    It's also just one more thing I can laugh at (to myself) if it catches on.
    What's up with all these angry posters? Smile a bit, enjoy the quirky.

  • cuicui

    Seriously Chive, get your shit together. This is below your dignity. The Chive is about hot women in heels, not gay men in heels. This put a serious damper on my day. How about daily awesome fail?

  • Notknowing

    Maybe he's sick of being too short. This satisfies both his height and his fetish for womens high heels.

  • Nicnac

    Isn't TheChive based in California, and isn't there a city there called San Francisco where there are THOUSANDS of men who dress like that?

  • Nicnac

    is this what TheChive intended with this post?

  • Guy Friday

    Do what I want …

  • Retired Navy

    First I saw men in Europe wearing woman's short pantsI Now I see this! The hipsters will be all over this! What drugs is that designer on??? But now one of my questions has been answered about "male" models!

  • fabsam

    After seeing this shit take your chive shirt back i want my money back! No more homos!

  • Ty Stevenson

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore…

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