You think you’ve gone too far with the exercise regimen? (38 Photos)

Via Girlswithmuscle

  • CompuNerd27

    If it ever gets to the point where you think a woman is a man because there are muscles where her boobs should be, she needs to TONE IT THE F**K DOWN.

  • ADrian collins

    Just threw up in my mouth

  • Tim Gawthrop

    sory , she is beautiful , but i dont wanna snapadicktomy …..

  • Zach

    stop posting this disgusting shit… i can't stop throwing up

  • Das Gross

    The Boobs have disappeared…when do the balls grow back???

  • gneo25

    Do Not Want

  • CantUNsee

    Male hormones slowly turn a woman into a man. Stop doing that! Katka!

  • tara

    That is ALL steroids. Its IMPOSSIBLE for a female to create that kind of muscle without anabolic steriods No matter how often or how long they work out. its a Biological impossibility, Not to mention WHY!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Uma Thurman's sister? More like Dolph Lundgren's sister. Can't you see her looming over you saying "I will break you"?

  • Ballistik


  • MayorAdamWest

    My penis is confused… I don't like things that confuse my penis!

  • @julianndelphiki

    I'm so sick of The Chive for making these posts. A picture of a more than moderately fit girl gets posted and the comments are overwhelmingly negative. Whatever, people suck. But when The Chive makes a post that mocks someone for being in amazing shape, and makes fun of them for the years of work it took to get there, it's completely uncalled for. You're awesome when it comes to wounded soldiers or mentally handicapped kids, but determined women are just too much to handle, I guess.

    I'm just one voice here, but I'm one voice saying I'm done with this site.

  • TheRev

    That is a dude.

  • dewey

    She would snap your back like a heath bar!

  • FigN

    Steroids and HGH and male hormones injections at their best !

  • dave

    i wonder what a hand job would be like from these thigns?

  • nutsacks

    Id be afraid of getting my Cock pinched off!

  • Ashlee

    What happened to her tits?

  • Giovanni Isaza

    kill it with fire???

  • dragon30

    she scares the sit out of me

  • Deeps

    I bet she wears underwear with penis holes in them sometimes.

  • Ben

    Wow, I am really creeped out

  • C-Mo

    where does she hide her balls?

  • heh!

    To dark of a tan. She looks like something they serve at KFC. :O

  • Tito1223e

    At what point does a woman decide she wants to look like this??

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