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now is Chivers ...

This is a rare late night post from me so you know it’s important. I’d like all our Chivers to stay close today if you would. I don’t have an exact time (hopefully late morning) and I can’t yet discuss the salient details. But we’ve been called upon to help a girl injured in Aurora who desperately needs our help. More on this soon.



  • A Chiver

    Here we go.

    • Lisa

      On behalf of my state, my home, my community, thank you John, chive, and all chivers.

      I don't know what's going to be coming down the line, but if I can help, I'm there. E-mail sent with my #. Seriously, if I can help, just holler.

      Chive on.

      • Chive2theRescue

        Umm…may be a bad time but i'd like a forward of that number please, John.

        • 303Hunter

          FB link in her blog profile. Ask her yourself. She writes back and isn't a bitch about shit.

          Peace to the people that were shot. KCCO.

  • @JustKatSue

    Chive Nation always pulls through when help is needed.

    • This.

      You guys put a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach 🙂

  • Rebel Alliance

    Red leader standing by

    • Luke Skywalker

      Red Five standing by

      • Simon

        Simply Red, standing by.

        • R2D2

          Beep boop boop beep

          • Doug

            Right foot on Red standing by

          • @JJrrake

            Hahhahahhahahha r2!

        • Jake

          Red West standing by.

    • Runruh

      Red 6 standing by.

    • Nip it in the Bud

      Red Fox standing by

    • Wedge

      Red two standing by

    • It's a trap!

      Big Red standing by…..

    • myself

      Red October, standing by.

    • phong

      Red Rocket standing by

      • A wolf in a dress

        Red riding hood standing by.

        • Hector

          Red rover standing by

          • Clifford

            Clifford the Big Red Dog standing by…

            • WilstoUlgo

              Redneck standing by

              • HatBomb

                My personal favorite of all the red themed responses.

    • not a fapper

      RedTube Standing by . . .

    • Dax

      Red Six standing by

    • joeybastardo

      Dont forget Porkins.

    • Aero92

      Red Rocket standing by

    • WTF Mate

      Red Fox standing by

    • @JJrrake

      Jrake is consistently broke soooooo. Goodluck?

      • Ethix_

        Go deepthroat a meat cleaver, JJ.

    • Brad

      Red Robin, standing by

    • Bubba


    • Eric_Le_Awesome

      Red Green, standing by, eh?

    • heywoodjablowme

      Red Dwarf standing by.

    • Derp

      Red Dead standing by

      • sharty

        Red tampon standing by

    • Question_Mark_

      Red vs. Blue standing by

    • donaldthebruce

      Red Giant standing by.

    • Dan

      Gold leader standing by

    • the_mike

      On RedTube, standing by.


    • Anomanom

      Red Shirt, standing by.

      • Red Shirt


    • sfb101

      Red velvet cake standing by…

    • Red buttons

      Red Buttons standing by

      • Underbaker

        Red Skelton sitting down

    • @resullins

      Red October standing by. Hunting for more.

  • Chivn'

    Just let me pull out my wallet………ok ready

    • Dr. Acula

      No sorry, we're going to need the left testicle this time.

  • David Blackwell

    Just say the word and we'll unleash the kraken.

  • medic619

    Whole crew here is ready to help

  • Jason Tone

    I knew when John posted the callout in the DAR he meant business. Looking forward to doing what I can.

  • Maverick Winters

    On Stand By…..

  • babyfartmagizax

    Let's do this Chivers! I'll do whatever I can to help the cause!

    • Twain

      Welcome back.

    • Wet_tosti

      Make us pizza!

      • Maclure

        You'd like that wouldn't you tubby!

  • Th3Instructor

    I haz $$$



  • Rainmaker2112

    We will fight it on the land, we will fight it by the sea, we will never surrender (thanks Winston Churchill)

    Let's put this need over our Chive-On knees and whip it's ass!

    • Spelling Police

      Is it wrong that I associate that quote more with Iron Maiden than I do Winston Churchill?

      • Craig Robertson

        just a little, not too much tho. lol

  • ChiTownChiver

    We're a community and we'll all chip-in and hopefully make an impact. Thats what all of this shit is about. Well that and seeing some hot tail, but thats irrelevant at this juncture.

  • @pdxfixed

    Standing by

  • Th3Instructor

    Actually forget $$ i say we go vigilante as an entire Chive community.

  • NavyChiver

    I've got duty tomorrow but I will definately try to get on a computer

    • Laurie

      Me too, I'm Air Force, but I'll definitely be watching for John's announcement somehow…

  • raven2503

    Were always ready… KCCO

  • MonicaM

    We only live about 5 minutes away from Aurora … let us know what we can do to help tomorrow!

    • BGF

      Aurora is my hometown so you know i'm ready to help as well! KCCO

  • AnaheimChiver

    KCCO Chivers band together for the cause, thats the shit right there.

  • kenk85

    created an account to be on stand by..

    • Question_Mark_


  • Bill

    Let's do this!!!

  • GardenGroveChiver

    KCCO….Chivers band together for the cause. That's the shit right there!

  • poya

    Let's do this!! KCCO!

  • myself

    Ready for anything.

  • Christopher Lee Mooney

    you got it, from a Colorado Chiver!!!


    • NoCo Chiver

      Another Colorado Chiver here… Tell us when, where and how much!

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