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This is a rare late night post from me so you know it’s important. I’d like all our Chivers to stay close today if you would. I don’t have an exact time (hopefully late morning) and I can’t yet discuss the salient details. But we’ve been called upon to help a girl injured in Aurora who desperately needs our help. More on this soon.



  • Curtis Beezley

    I'm in!

    • Sam Malone

      Keep Calm CO here we go Colorado

      I'm in and as always


  • Brandon Betz

    My wallet is ready. Lets do this! KCCO

  • Luis Octavio Guerrero

    Estamos Listos Chivers de Tijuana!!

  • Sierra Perea

    Awaiting orders,Captian.

  • bud

    I always love helping out, but a thought crossed my mind. "What if John is just drunk and needs some shekels to cover his bar tab?"

    • Mac

      get out.

  • John frm Ft Wrth TX

    I'm ready! KCCO!!

  • Porkins

    Porkins, standing by.

  • Movements

    Red 5 standing by…………..…(starwars joke)

  • Grimm

    Standing by…I love this community.

  • landen

    What can we do to help? Co springs chiver KCCO!

  • Cameron Gibson

    If by my life or death I can help, you have my wallet!

    • voltviking

      And my money clip

  • Ottobot

    I’m a colorado native and have friends affected by this tragedy. Let us know what we can do!

  • cdnsoldier1982

    Egaerly awaiting from a loyal Candian Chiver

  • eh.

    I knew you'd be in on this somehow Chive. Good on ya. I'll keep abreast.

  • B Dub

    I think this will be a big one folks. Call in your reinforcements. There was an Aurora victim that survived, and just had her baby. Multi million $ hospital tab (just crazy…). I'm just speculating that this might be it. If it is, let's pull up out boot straps and get to work raising $. I've been looking forward to my Canadian/Military KCCO tomorrow, but I'm thinking I'll just donate my cash. God speed…

  • Dee

    you got it captain!

  • Brandon

    My wallet is prep'd. Lets do this

  • Qwixel

    Awaiting details

  • sfultzy

    Anything for the Chive Community! KCCO!!

  • W.H. Shatner


  • @Haveyouherd

    KCCO F.A.B. Thunderbirds are go. International Rescue is go.

  • GoldFive

    I don't normally donate to individuals in any situation because the world is so full of suffering. My contributions usually wouldn't make a difference. However, because of this senseless act, innocent people who were not putting themselves in harm's way, are now going to be subjected to hundreds of thousands — hopefully not millions — of dollars worth of medical bills. This is a double whammy for innocent people who do not have a government program to ease their suffering after this random atrocious act that affected so many regular Joe's.

    I hope any excess money earned by this drive that isn't needed for recovery, goes back to aid others in need, and isn't wasted on frivolous things. It sure is going to be a large amount of money, if I know chivers.

    I'm more than willing to provide whatever support I can to Aurora victims and break my no-donation attitude. I will also spread the word to my entire family, all of my friends, and acquaintances and ask them to help in any way possible.

  • The J-Man

    Shut Up and take my money!!!!!

    • Brad

      I wish this was the first comment.

  • Mac

    Hell Yea! We've been been called upon once again. Let's get this goin

  • Richard

    When I wear my KCCO shirt out, I inevitably get asked what chive on means. I sometimes say its a photoblog or a website, but now I realize it is a community. I'm not some sap that makes all my friends online, but it really is a great feeling to be able to come here and know that its just a positive group of people. I'm standing by ready to help, God knows we can build a cabin for a vet now lets show what we can do for our Colorado Chivers.

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