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This is a rare late night post from me so you know it’s important. I’d like all our Chivers to stay close today if you would. I don’t have an exact time (hopefully late morning) and I can’t yet discuss the salient details. But we’ve been called upon to help a girl injured in Aurora who desperately needs our help. More on this soon.



  • Danny Stevens

    I was dead asleep. Woke up not knowing why or how but walked over to my computer checked out the chive and there was this. I am ready.

  • theycallmedaddy

    sac chiver ready over here.

  • shoe

    I think I'm actually more impressed with the amount of positive comments and a genuine concern from chivers than anything. Something everyone can rally behind is refreshing. KCCO

  • boodo

    Anything to help my cousin was there and safe thank god.

  • @ChiveOnAZ

    Arizona is ready, just say when.

  • TulsaSmartassChiver

    The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: "If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?" But… the good Samaritan reversed the question: "If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?"

    We're ready John. KCCO

  • StrikerF66

    What cha got? Big D in Tx ready to go.

  • Cameron

    Being with the time difference here in Afghanistan I might miss the original post but standing by as always

  • MauiMark

    Just made a shit load of tips from rich people and I don't need it all… wiling and waiting

  • Chesterdrawers

    All i can do is this: ^

  • Brian Herbert

    Ready when you are

  • Tattoo701

    Chivers Assemble

  • corbin

    We heard in the news of the tragic event down there. Sad and senseless. I'll get some pals together and we will see how much we can help our neighbour out. Hold strong Aurrora and KKCO.

    from a Canadian Chiver.

  • Ernest

    Standing by and ready for action.

  • Pearl

    I will do what I can! I am so proud of this site and to be able to call myself a Chivette!! Say the word and all I have is yours John.
    ~ Loyal Arkansas Chivette

  • cuchalain

    Seattle chiver here, locked and loaded for the Chive nation. Say the word and the nation will rise. The best thing about Chivers is not our hot women, it is our huge hearts! Chive on to Aurora, and beyond!!!

  • G'day

    Battle stations…

  • ProposMontreal

    Chivers gonna Chive !

  • Doc

    News Team assemble!!!!!

  • Gwain

    Rodger, Rodger. What's our vector, Victor?

  • chiver_in_pet

    the fleet is at condition one sir, awaiting orders

  • CrawlerS

    Ask, and you shall receive…

  • Sean Kelly

    Ready to do my part

  • Goldenage_Geek

    Helping out in times of need is what we do best.

    Alright, let's do this.

  • AndrewArsenic

    John, let's roll.

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