Chivers …

now is Chivers ...

This is a rare late night post from me so you know it’s important. I’d like all our Chivers to stay close today if you would. I don’t have an exact time (hopefully late morning) and I can’t yet discuss the salient details. But we’ve been called upon to help a girl injured in Aurora who desperately needs our help. More on this soon.



  • Marty

    Canadian Chivers – Mount Up !!!

  • nichoelb

    I am absolutely in love with our awesome Chive community! Ready and waiting instructions in OKC 🙂 Let's do this Chivers!! KCCO!

  • Woop

    Let's make it rain!!!!!

  • BigDik

    I'm in!!

  • Dutch

    Let me know how I can help.

  • Newfie Chiver

    hell yea !,, lets do this,,awaiting orders,,

  • scwhite99

    ready willing and able…just let me know what needs to be done

  • MEEE


  • Mike

    Another Chiver standing by. Lets once again show the world why this is the greatest site in the world!

  • KyleGamgee


  • _Shift

    Flight controls, check, hydro press, check, fuel, check, TOT, check, RPM, check, flaps, set, brakes set. Throttling up 1&2, 105%.
    Ready to pop the brakes and get up there to kick ass and get done what needs to get done with all my fellow Chiver squadron mates. Just give the word John

  • Capt. Kirk

    Red alert, Chekov, open the wallet and load torpedoes, Scotty, give up all non-essential expenditures this pay period, and maximum warp power to standby. Enterprise to Chive Drive, what are my orders?

  • _Beau

    Lock and load!

    • Auth

      Sweat and sourI can’t find much good to say about the good Col.He is, and always has been a nut. Sometimes cmcioal,sometimes dangerous.My question is what changed?Why now?And by what authority?We all agree how the Afghan war began.Iraq is debated but the bottom line is Saddam broke every caveat of his surrender terms.Any one of which would give legal right to a resumption of the war. Whether or not it was wise is another story.But Congress did have a voice.But Lybia now?How is it in our national interest?

  • sparky

    who cares….i have kids to clothe and mouths to feed

  • _Merlin

    All engines ahead flank. Where to Admiral?

  • John

    Chivers! ASSEMBEL!!!!!!

  • MohawkJon

    I have two kidneys.
    I only need the one.

  • john

    we're all in..

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