Giant scantily clad dancing robots found, of course, only in Japan (20 Photos)

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  • twd22285

    robot ruv you rong time!

  • TRY2K

    They will build and unleash a giant moth and fire breathing lizard. MARK MY WORDS!!! WE ARE DOOMED!!!

  • meeeee

    yeah baby yeah!!!!

  • James

    #15 Giant invisible robot dick

  • wat

    And then somebody loses their shit and goes on a rampage in downtown Japan with one of these things

  • bcarson810

    Sucks if you're a leg man…

    • crazydog

      unless youre a ROBOT leg man or a robot LEG man….

  • BTME

    And so, with the release of the Sextron Sixty-Nine, Skynet is ready to wage war on the human race.

  • Sade

    #18 Giggity… o.0

  • nowayjose

    i love redheads!

  • Kablaam

    Japan = Awesome

  • Gallus

    Someone has seen "Alien" way too many times. They have taken Ripley and her fighting cargo robot and and loosed clones of it on the public.

  • Hara


  • Retired Navy

    WTF….Sex dolls for Transformers??

  • Mr. Tides

    So this is going to be the mother of "Gundam", "Metal Gear", and the lifting suit from "Aliens."

  • @fchezenko

    Saturday night out in Japan ,
    Get drunk drinking beer served by a robot

    Go home to watch some hentai while fapping into a robot vibrating vagina

    fall asleep with head on a rubber prosthetic lap

    very sad existence

  • JKMcDermott

    #1 you missed the moment here. Why not show us the bikini clad mdels?

  • Dr. Roboto

    Just imagine what an HJ by one of these would be like…

  • Lame

    That's stupid

  • zeroinutero

    This would make awesome robots fight night

  • Evil Dung Beetle

    Why does it need two pilots? Why is there only one seat?

  • noname

    You're mistaken. These are meant to battle "Aliens" — Ripley's going to need something to pilot and kill the queen someday.

  • blocs

    Why is it that they always gotta make the bots white like what are they saying we're better then every other race?

  • OhioChiver

    Sooo essentially, it's an upscaled version of "Rock'em Sock'em Robots"….with boobs. o.0

  • Paul

    So do they walk around or just stand there and look weird?

  • joe

    Is #11 Rose from Titanic? Sorry, i meant Tit-anic

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