Giant scantily clad dancing robots found, of course, only in Japan (20 Photos)

Found at

  • Jessica Condrey

    Man I love crazy shit from Japan ;D

  • funbaglover

    Need video post for this, anyone?

    • funbaglover

      found it, dooh!

  • Dr. Evil

    They can create shit like that but we don't have Gundams yet?!

  • Shoon

    I just cant see myself trusting a country with this much time on their hands.

  • Jim

    Anyone notice the robots are caucasian

  • Nightjak

    BITCH!! Get in the kitchen and ma… FAZZAK!!!! *smoldering pile of ash*

  • Ryan Joel

    ermmmmm….right…. So normal… What???

  • Daniel Gill

    All I could think of was some really weird alternative reality version of Aliens, where instead of a Power Loader, Ripley took on the Queen Alien in this.

  • MohawkJon

    Only an Asian.

  • Dr. Evil

    So they can come up with this but they can't develop Gundams?

    Those people REALLY need to sort out their priorities!

  • ChaaMandoo


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