Good guy Christian Bale travels quietly to Aurora to visit victims of CO shooting (11 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    This country needs more like that. No money, no press, just compassion

  • Kenabobute

    Thank you so much chive for posting this! It means a lot to us Coloradans! Thank you Christian Bale as well!!

  • Trav1121

    After his hissy fit a while back, I thought he was kind of a dick. But this is an extremely classy move that shows he cares and is aware of the world around him. Big Ups, Mr. Bale!

  • Quinn

    When John posted about the shooting in Aurora, one of the initial comments by a Chiver stated that Bale should visit the victims. Whatever drew Bale to conduct this gesture, whether Chiver influenced, this is another act where my faith in humanity is restored.

  • funbaglover

    Extra extra – "Bale does not fail!"

  • A.E.

    Amazing, and manowarz who gives a shit whether his PR told him to go its still cool tht he went. if he didnt go then you would bitch that no one cares.

    • manowarz

      1) I care, because no, it wouldn't be cool if he went for a P.R. stunt. Intent matters.

      2) No, I wouldn't care if he didn't go. I don't hold him responsible and don't think he owes anyone anything just because the shooting happened in a movie he starred in.

      Lighten up.

  • Shiftycap1

    Wasn't someone just yesterday bitching that he hadn't visited the victims and the memorial yet? Funny how people are so quick to judge celebrities without giving them a chance to react. Mad props to Christian Bale for going there, I truly seems like a genuine dude and I really believe he went to Colorado because he cares, not for "PR". And as far a "Damage Control", the damage is done. #heroesdoexist, just give them the opportunity to.

    • A.E.


    • manowarz

      I'm hoping that's exactly why he was there.

      • Mickael Duncan

        Then just keep hoping, and stop trying to bring everyone down with your thoughts that he MAY have gone there for another reason. This movie does not need PR after the attack. It still had the highest grossing non-3d opening weekend, and no rational person could put the blame on anyone but the sociopath who executed the attack. Just let it go.

    • Chim Richels

      And you know all this how?

  • T_Gregg

    A hero in multiple ways.. what a champ.

  • crn

    bbbbbbb..b..bbatman!?!??! Is it really you!??!

  • Smashy

    Just thought if chime in. I live in Toronto Canada and a week before the dispicable act in Colorado by the twatwaffle James Homes, we had a shooting at a block party BBQ where a 14 yr old girl lost her life, as did a 23 yr old youth counsellor. Both victims 110% innocent bystanders caught inbetween gang idiots. 12 injured bullets. A few weeks prior, a couple idiots opened fire on each other in a large shopping centre called eaton centre. One of the Colorado theater victims was at the eaton centre the day of the gun battle. She left 5-10 min before it happening due to a bad vibe to only be murdered not long after by the idiot James Homes at the aurora theater.
    I just want to pass on my condolences and thoughts to all effected by these dispicable acts. What Bale did here goes beyond just a publicity apology, it shows he's actually not disconnected to the real world and that he cares. It would be easier for him to have sent stuff or had people send for him as well he could have just stepped in front a camera. His actions show that we should still have faith in humanity, and not all celebs are totally off in la la land. Chive on Bale, and chive on to all the families and friends devestated by the actions of gutless twatwaffles that kill innocents . I hope this James Homes idiot rots in jail and is anally rape with pineapples 6 times a day.

  • Heidi Hansen

    not so quietly apparently. media needs to back off.

  • Robbie

    Studios have already said he is not there to represent them in any way, he is there because he wants to be, i take my hat off to the man a real hero. he went to show them he cares and he gave the world a little hope for us all.

    • Chim Richels

      And you believe the studios? Why?

  • Adam Brooks

    " Gotham needs a hero with a face "

  • Maddog

    Hot number on his side, come on guys ladies that's what chive is about.

  • Jon Fleecs

    As a Colorado resident I would like to give my thanks to Christian Bale.

  • Lawrence Panis

    To all those negative comments on this post, whatever Bale's reason for showing up, that's the least he could do. Did you pay your respects? Probably not.

    • Mickael Duncan

      Well the least he could do was nothing. He had no responsibility to visit these poor victims just because they happen to be watching a movie that had him in it when they were attacked, and I say this because it takes away from what he did to suggest that. I disagree with some that are calling him a hero for his actions, but it definitely makes him a damn good human being.

  • Eddie Ellis

    Thank you Mr. Bale if you ever read this. It means a lot to us. We lost a lot of friends that day, one I was very close to. I still aske her to KCCO with me. R.I.P my friends. You are gone but will never be forgotten. (Loyal Dencer Chiver)

    • Eddie Ellis

      Sorry for the pore spelling, I am a little choked up.

  • Brad

    is there anything the chive administrators can do to get rid of "@jjrake"? He's ruining the comments section of this fantastic website

    • Mickael Duncan

      Ignore him and he'll go back to 4chan or wherever trolls come from.

  • A2_tha_MFK

    pirating movies saves lives!

  • Izo

    Some people may not realize that there is a reason it's called "The Greater Denver Metro Area". From Golden, to Lakewood, to Denver, to Arvada, to Littleton, to Aurora, to Commerce City, to the DTC, we live and work around each other. We all have friends and family and acquaintances in neighboring areas. A tragedy in Aurora is a tragedy in Denver, and a tragedy in Denver is a tragedy in Colorado and the Nation. There are very few dividing lines between these cities. Mr. Bale coming here was an incredible gesture towards everyone directly or indirectly affected by this senseless act of violence. Hats off to him.

  • LaurenGoMeow

    Awww that was really nice of him… So heart breaking what happened.

  • Elliott

    My respect, for Bale, just sky rocketed.

  • Mikkel Nyman Larsen

    Chive should start collecting money for a donation to support Caleb Medley.

    Caleb was a victim of the movie theater massacre; He was shot in the eye and have no insurance and need help covering their medical bills that will no doubt be up into the hundreds of thousands if not millions. Him and his wife, who has just delivered their baby boy Hugo.

    They need our help!

    – Thumbs up for Christian Bale aswell.

  • MattKL

    Pure class, and nothing but.

  • TonyM

    We should do something about this.

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