Good guy Christian Bale travels quietly to Aurora to visit victims of CO shooting (11 Photos)

  • Fragglestickcar

    Faith in humanity restored
    Look guys, regardless of why he showed up, he still showed up. It takes a real man to do that. Just let the story be that a good guy did a good thing

  • Tim Croal

    I'm honestly a little surprised, with his rep and all. Good for him, it's too bad he didn't make it out there in costume but it is pretty heartwarming to see that he took it upon himself to visit the hospital and memorial.

    • Jess

      I think it shows him more as a compassionate human being that he showed up as himself and not all made up. To show up scruffy and more normal looking is better than showing up in a costume that could very well cause nightmares for these people. Right now these people recovering need respect, compassion and just time to heal not this fictional character to ride into their town acting like a fictional hero. The TRUE hero is who is under all the make up 🙂

  • Riley

    #4 The Chive should start their own relief fund and then donate it on behalf of the all the generous Chivers

  • Ian Henderson Harte

    Sickening. We're giving this guy every thing he wants… The more I see every time I turn on the TV, the more I think about the "suspect" in his cell laughing at us. He's an attention whore…

    • sara

      sad but very true.

  • peter lewis

    I have to say 99% of me says this is a publicity thing, as someone already said "damage control", the film will take a battering with bad press like a shooting, and him turning up at the hsopital is probably the studio/agents way to making it a "good" thing, its all hipocrasy, i very much doubt he went off his own back, and dont forget he's an actor, smiling and making it look convincing is hsi job.

  • Marcus

    Nice that he did this as a caring human being and not for gain as the prez did

  • Incagnito

    Faith in humanity restored. I just hope it can last a while longer this time. Mr Bale if the slim chance you read this glyph did a small but awesome thing. Thank you

  • Coal clean

    I don't understand why people have to bash him for going to visit the victims. He did an amazing thing to visit these victims. If it would be a stunt to for the studio/agent don't you think they would have publicized it? He did it out of pure respect for these people.

  • dochandy

    #8 #11 i have so much respect for him. awesome guy.


    well done Mr Wayne, well done. Respect

  • Sheldon

    As a Colorado native, much respect for him, shows nothing but class.

  • Aubrey

    Stunt or not I am sure everyone there appreciated him showing up. It's truly sad that we live in such a negative world that people feel they need to jump straight to how this was only for publicity. I for one think he went there on his own out of moral obligation. Shame on you for trying to tarnish what I an sure was a great day for a lot of people who just had the worst day of their lives. Do you feel cooler now that you had the balls to come out and challenge his motives all the way from your computer desk? Reply and bash me all you want, but know that I think your pathetic, and therefor no longer care about anything you say.

    • Turd Ferguson


      You think he went out of 'his own moral obligation' – how the fuck do you know what his 'moral obligation' is?

      There are three things to know about him:

      – he's an actor and as an actor, he's a narcissist and most likely, nuts.

      – actors and politicians don't take a piss without it having a publicity angle

      – look up his outbursts at others. In the real world, that's called a dickhead

      But please, tell us about his 'moral obligation' – oh, and while you are at it, I'd like a Denver omelette.

  • Smooch

    Still an egocentric asshole. Someone earlier called him a, "true hero." Talk about a word that is WAY over used. Did he pull five people out of a burning building? No, THAT would be heroic. Did he save his regiment by drawing enemy fire? No, THAT would be heroic. He is no more a hero than any one of us. He went and visited victims of a mindless crime, very nice gesture. Again, NOT heroic.

  • Livin' Legend

    "Bale also decided to keep the media away from his visit as much as possible and kept a low profile"

    He's been in the media several times before for outbursts against people, so it's easy to see him as a total dick, but this was a truly classy move, and the media attention was the one reason I would have thought it a bad idea for celebrities to visit the patients, who above all need time and privacy to heal.

    Where politicians have used this and other tragedies as photo ops, Bale has approached this situation marvelously and discretely, and for that he should be commended.

    • Chim Richels

      Yeah, but let's be honest. It COULD have been a calculated move. When it comes to PR, politicians and celebs are the alpha dogs. EVERYTHING they do is calculated.

      So, yes, it's easy to say 'decided to keep media away' – however, in a world of iphones, Twitter and FB, the 'media' effectively becomes the people and the same end result is gained – PR.

      Again, I could be 100% wrong and this could be genuine but when it comes to celebrities and PR (and a guy with a history of being a complete dick), I'm very skeptical.

  • drbman

    #10 this MAN is better than Batman.

  • xtoolmaker

    This was a nice thing to do.
    No media no bullshit. He doesn't look all dolled up for possible publicity.
    And even if it was, the show of support probably meant a lot to both the victims and the police.
    Nicely done.

  • @sjd99

    The man showed up. Give credit when it's due. Thanks for being in touch with reality Mr. Bale.

  • Davey

    #7 that is truly a moving picture. He seems like Bruce Wayne there. What a good guy.

  • Sade

    #5 Yay!! ^_^

  • Damian

    He has always seemed like a class act. You never see him in the news or tabloids really and most of his movies are very good.

    • Chim Richels

      Yes, his famous rant really showed him as a solid dude.

      • Gatt

        Yeah, cause there has never been a good person ever who flew off the handle once. It is just one rant that made him an irreversible dickhead for life, right? You'd think he might have asked for forgiveness too, but who knows…

  • Jared

    That was cool of him to show up, Bravo sir ! Now we just need the asshole that did the shootings to get served a swift and painful execution, and let the victims and there families get some justice so they can all heal and start to move on.

  • guess


  • john J

    #11 In that last photo, he looks kind of mad and intense. For a second I imagined the next picture to be of him turning into Batman and killing the Aurora shooter.

  • Grant

    I think he is a dick but that was a v nice gesture. Nice one Mr bale!!

  • Dean Smith

    class act

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