Good guy Christian Bale travels quietly to Aurora to visit victims of CO shooting (11 Photos)

  • alex

    Well how about we just think positive and not assume that he did it for the wrong reasons. Im sure any person with a heart would do the same thing. Very awesome that he did what he did!!!

  • Coal clean

    So lets forget about what he did a while back to earn his bad rep and just realize that he did a nice thing, some people feel they need to criticize everything that happens. it was a little light in a dark situation for these victims.

  • Dean

    Classy. Well done

  • CBisawesome

    Christian Bale doesn't do anything he doesn't WANT to do. His agents have actually had issues with that stuff before, so the fact that he went out there means he WANTED to go. There was no media, no photogs, no flashbulbs… What I think some people are forgetting here is that Bale is NOT Batman. I've seen so many FB pleas for him to go there and visit people as if it's an obligation he HAS to fulfill because he plays Batman. Bale is not a superhero… he's just an actor. The fact that he went there without cameras following him means that he wanted to go, as himself, a normal person effected by these events like so many others are. Good for him… that's pretty awesome.

  • Robbo

    It is good to see this. He went there of his own volition and out of concern. How many people would visit without the media to document their kindess?

    Great work Mr. Bale.

  • Lawyerssuck

    Was all set to Chive on and donate until I read about the lawsuit filed by Terrance B against the Theatre, Warner Brothers and the doctors. This person wasn't even injured in the incident.
    Hey – douche, how about the guy that pulled the trigger?

  • Josh Geary

    Bravo, Christian…

  • ImpressMe

    #11 Very classy and very human…..Hes not Batman or Bruce Wayne…hes an actor, a busy one at that and he took the time to fly back from Europe to visit those people and lay flowers at the memorial. Kudos Mr. Bale, what you and your wife did is wonderful and gave alot of people there something to think about other than the horrors of that day.

  • Oran Allen

    He gives a shit and thats enough…I dont care who sent him…he came.



  • Kali

    That is so amazing! Good on ya Bale!

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  • Antonio Porrello
  • bodykarmabella

    What an incredible guy. A kind and humble act, and one that is very simply human. We are all just people. This illustrates that. My heart goes out to the victims and community of Aurora, CO. Sending love, light and hope to those in suffering. May we always KCCO ❤

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #10 You can tell he is troubled. There is a somber look in his eyes. I give him a lot of respect for coming out.

  • jun

    #7 is the best photo because you can not only see his pain but understand the grief of the others in the pic who are oblivious to Christian's appearance. Crazy and sad.

  • Cin

    This is great! Fabulous even.

    However he's still a prick who cursed & shoved his own Mama.

  • jay


  • Juju Bee

    Anyone who thinks he should have gone as Batman is too stupid to understand why that is fucking retarded. This was good.

  • dragon2777

    I like hearing about celebs doing something to be nice and just being a human being and not make a photo op about it.

  • Anonymous

    Top stuff. Good man. I’ve always liked his acting, now I like his character.

  • Poke4Life

    #11 looks like he was truly heartbroken about the incident and is trying not to break down… Nothing sadder than facing a disaster you feel you should have been able to prevent. Good for you CB, glad to see some heart in Hollywood.

  • Ale

    That is a great gesture of Christian!

  • GargoyleB

    True class.

  • Blackbird

    Faith in humanity slowly restoring. Good work, Mr. Bale.

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