Good guy Christian Bale travels quietly to Aurora to visit victims of CO shooting (11 Photos)

  • CTYankee

    Solid move, man… solid move.

  • leahcim

    It would be cool if he dressed as batman for the kids to. Then reenact the scene with joker from the dark night on the shooter.

  • Jonathan

    This wasn't a publicity thing at all… here's pictures to prove it! How very ironic.

  • emtbrian626

    Even if he did it for pr reasons it still meant a lot to those victims that he'd make time to see them and wish them well I truly have a new found respect for Christian Bale !

  • andre tavares

    very good my young man christian bale congratulations

  • kaylee

    Wow i love that he did that 🙂 he is such a great guy what other actor would do that? None.:)

  • Randon Donathan Givens

    Class act

  • andre tavares

    USA no free guns, save the mind your young, to that no more died or killer, all right politic ???? Okiller ok mister president !

    • Huh?


      • Son of Mongo

        Yeah, what?

    • Rusty

      You may want to have a friend or relative – that speaks English – put whatever it is you're trying to say into a complete and structured sentence. Then the rest of us will understand. Thank you!

      • Yeah!

        Yeah, because it seems like he has something that's actually thoughtful to say. Something about saving the minds of our youth, no more politics or killing. . .I don't want to thumbs down him before I know. Ya know?

  • HamptonsWorld80

    They should sentence that punk to Gen Pop. Way to stay classy Bale!


    […] Good guy Christian Bale travels quietly to Aurora to visit victims of CO shooting (11 Photos) ( […]

  • Ed Jones

    A wonderful gesture from a good guy. It's a shame there are so many burnouts who can't accept such an act of simple decency for what is is. Well done.

  • _Merlin

    Proof that in a sense Batman is real. This is proof. It's exactly what Bruce Wayne would have done. Thank you Mr. Bale for helping us believe again!

  • John Blake


    The one on the right. FIND HER!

    • C.Rom

      Dude, there's a time and place for that. This is neither. Put your dick back in your pants and shut up.

      • Robin John Blake

        Right. I forgot. I can't find chicks to be hot after a mass murder. Have to have at least a, what, 3 day moratorium on it? Once those 3 days are up, I'm gonna jack off so hard to this pic. Because after the 3 days, by then, I will have paid my respects to the fallen and can assume my role of being a man again who finds women attractive. Unless, of course, you want me to live by your standard. Maybe you can email me when the appropriate time to find women attractive again is.

        Go fuck yourself!

  • theAdventuresOfJim

    fucking paparazzi at a memorial, bale just showing them respect and the paps are being fucking vultures

  • Gallus

    You did it right! Good for you, Christian.

  • Son of Mongo


  • Duane Estilette

    Hell of a publicity opportunity even though it looks like self-sacrifice. Why can't the victims themselves be the center of attention?

    • No cameras!

      Maybe they don't want to be. Maybe they just want to be left alone for now. I know I wouldn't want a camera stuck in my face after going through something like that.

  • FrenchGuy_Paris

    #10 un vrai homme comme on n'en fait plus!!

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant PR move!!!!

  • Michael Fiedler

    That is nice of him. Think how this might also be reminding him of Heath as well.

  • MakeTheShirt

    For the act, he's deserving of the yet to be developed "KCCO Certified Good Guy" shirt.

  • jt1120

    Class act. Absolutely the right thing to do, and the fact that WB was not involved in the decision proves it. If the media was there, then I would've accused it of being a publicity stunt, but to just show up, low key, by himself? Class act.

  • Bob

    I'm glad he did, many ofthe victimswanted him to come and he came in a non publicised way. The cynical trolls can argue all they want, the victims took some small comfort in him visiting them and that is what matters.

  • Brandy Nichols

    Nothing but respect Mr. Bale. Thank you for renewing my hope in mankind.

  • LuvsHorror

    Love you Bale. You're a good guy.

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