I never knew how extreme ironing could be (33 Photos)

So now this exists….

Via Extremeironing

  • ryno

    ….i may not understand these people but id fight to the death to defend their right to do it! IRON ON DUDES!

  • Sterling_Archer

    How is this a thing?

  • robbie_R

    Is this what's hot on the streets right now?!? Extreme Ironing??

  • Tim

    This is the dumbest shit I have ever seen.

  • mywifeshotter

    when did this become a thing.

  • A.J.R

    #13 & #31 kinda defeat the purpose of ironing… Just sayin

  • Mike

    #27 Adam Savage?

  • goolie

    Bad #9, not in the kitchen, but rade off, at least you are topless…. Now make me a sandwich

  • Notworking

    I hope #9 doesn't get electrocuted 'cause she is doing it right!

  • missrachael

    #10 #14
    do not want.

  • http://twitter.com/nickvdt14 @nickvdt14

    This predates planking by quite a few years. Started off as part of an ad campaign for MWeb – A South African Internet Service provider, using extreme ironing as one of the many niches you can join on the internet.

    Guess it actually became a thing after that…

  • http://twitter.com/krisgiss @krisgiss

    I am confused as to why there are this many photos to begin with of people ironing in weird places.

  • MohawkJon

    This is…
    I don't have a word for how dum this is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/449213905097537/ Saskguy26

    combine this with planking (the guy doing the planking is the ironing board) and then we'll see something enjoyable.

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