Some vintage car girls do it for me (56 Photos)

  • Gergory86

    Really. #40 is a 2012 mustang. Not that vintage.

  • the assman

    This reminds me of transformers one when meagan fox popped open the hood of the vintage car near the beginning of the movie

  • kimohoyo

    Moar #40

  • G_Had

    #56 That's a weird looking oven

    • Dark Helmet

      ha ha!

  • loves sammiches

    Funny looking kitchens

  • Brick

    Bitch fixin' to die. #32

  • Riptide Racing

    #30 In love with Amber Heard she is so pretty and awesome for driving a vintage mustang!!!

  • Iggy

    holy mother of god

  • J. D. Rage

    me and Rick got alot in common! NICE!!!

  • Chiv3On




  • moses

    you do 110 pics for this but you cant post 110 for FLBP…

  • Dave

    #21 Playmate of the year in 1968. The AMX was custom painted and given to her from AMC

  • bob

    #26 #38 #110 WOWSERS

  • Psychosocial

    #26 I see the headlights but I'm having trouble seeing the rest of the vehicle.

  • Tim

    Where is Heidi Van Horne?

  • ChiveFromWA

    Some pretty girls but #60 is gorgeous

  • Heelboy

    #44. You Idiot, get that f'ing brush off that hood, have you lost your ever-lovin mind! That brush will destroy that '65's finish. BTW, pretty good post although there were some entries that really didn't fit the bill but that might be somewhat picky….

  • SourCreme

    I think I saw my mom!

  • Gallus

    #67 – Eww! Yech. Gag. Barf. What kind of car *is* that?! No amount of sexy girls would help that thing look good.

    Did anyone else recognize the vintage "Playboy" playmates? #4 and #7 and examples, but others include 21, 66, 70, 79 and 88. The era of playmates and their (mostly) pink cars.

    • Heelboy

      Good eye, Gallus, on the playmates. Wonder if Hef gave 'em a pink car to match their pink cootchie! Also on 67, isn't that one of those God-forsaken French Citreon's? Those cars were butt-ugly.

    • roadrage07

      Yup. #4 Patti McGuire was one of my favs growing up. Happiest day of my youth, finding old Playboy's in the attic.

    • Chivalry

      That's a `60s Citroen Ami 6.

  • jimbob

    #27 you shouldn't hang your shirt up like that. you get peg marks left in the front

  • Derp Derpson

    I may be missing the point, but that brush is going to destroy that paint job.

  • TommyB

    #78 Barbie Benton back in the day! Yum!

    • Heelboy

      Amen! Still remember pictures of her walking her pet monkey at the Mansion with nothing on but the monkey's leash in her hand!

  • rikooprate

    #30 SOOO eff'n hot. Shame Amber Heard plays for the other team. *sigh*

  • 1madhatter

    that was an enormous gallery. and im glad that I live in today's day and age.

  • GI Joe

    #7 #88 1965 Playmate of the year Jo Collins, #4 1977 Playmate of the year Patti McGuire, #21 1968 Playmate of the year Angela Dorian, Several more but I can't place them at all…..

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