• Master_Rahl

    That was cool. I bet momma bear approved of the helping human hands.

  • aron_xo

    This made my whole day 🙂

    I'm a huge animal lover

    Lucky momma bear didn't try to attack.
    Glad to see they are all safe though 🙂 cubs and people!

  • Lou

    This is a really cool video and act by the people in it. Thumbs up.

  • Why Oh Why

    That was freakin awesome!

  • Bear lover

    If this is bear country I think maybe they should get rid of that garbage can. and get one with latch able lids,or a lock for that one, it will only happen again… and again. Plus interaction with humans will be inevitable, some one is bound to get hurt, bear or human….
    i love bears. they are awesome, It would have been a sad day to see those cubs not survive the garbage can boooo!

  • Biff

    Indeed it's curious to know how the cubs could climb in but not out, and how the couple discovered their plight and captured it all on film. Wonder how long they were in the dumpster?

  • blogdetik

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  • steelpride

    sweet. i needed that. good news for everybody. people get to renew their souls by helping out, and the cubs get to be with there momma.

  • steelpride

    their. not there. dang it. almost blew it. 🙂

  • MohawkJon

    Mama bears like…"come on my little idiots."

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