Hot Right Now: Jinkies! We should Find Her (40 Photos)
  • theycallmedaddy

    gosh katy perry is so hot.

  • dbeez

    i needed wikipedia to find out who matisyahu was

  • vinc3nt

    More please!!!

  • @thelogicbox

    Agree with this about 2Pac and Justin Beiber.

  • Guillermo Manuel

    LOOOOOOOOOOL LOOK At justin bieber face at 03:02 he is really sick of it HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • ICanHasBoob

    Just skip to the 1:30 mark when Kimmel's not yapping his fucking mouth. How is it his show manages to be so funny sometimes, yet I want to kick him in the teeth ALL the time?

  • Paul

    Its funny how you can only get stuff like this from Kimmel. He is the only one who could get stuff like this from Celebs.

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