Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • dsatkins

    #17 You need to meet my Chivette wife in Hampton. As well we need to do a Chive Party in Hampton Roads one of these days.

  • Dsatkins

    #17 did I mention MOAR!

  • https://www.facebook.com/travis.alexander.5686 Travis Alexander

    #49 Dear God, I wish the smoothie stores around here had girls that looked like her.

  • billyjack13

    #49 has some REALLY nice cans….

  • Baconbygod

    #40 Good job!! Support the Religepedos. They will then hhave easy access to your young children in the near future….

  • Mike Wags

    If my observations are correct, #41 and #49 are the same girl. She's doing it right!

  • Brandi

    So awesome. I wish I had a mom, and I wish she was this awesome.

  • Jeff_DC

    Great Job Chive with Farrah!!! Oh and #14 is awesome! WAR DAMN EAGLE!! KCCO Farrah and Mike i hope you get well soon!

  • Morgan

    #49 where is his home town? I need to get me a smoothie

  • .Krookz

    #49 WOH!

  • common sense

    WHY are people sooooooo stupid?

  • Unit

    #49 moar moar moar moar!!!!!! NEED MOAR!!!!!! Holy fuck!!

  • BlaqBear

    2 GIFs from Auburn university my mind is blown #46 #14

  • xenoman22

    Great job with the fundraising, Chive! Is that a Wheaten Terrier in the office?

  • Baldy_Eagle

    #37 Yea STL chivette!! finally some recognition

  • Coop

    #5 I hope you become a Chivette Victoria and not a Chiver…

  • Dustin

    #49's milkshakes brings all the boys to the yard!

  • bob

    Looks like Reddit puked and chive picked up the left overs.

  • Ray

    #49 Where is this hometown?

  • dm576

    #49 sweet god where the @^## do you live

  • yoyoma

    #49 looks a LOT like jennifer anniston

  • extermin8or

    #49 could sell sand in the desert.

  • Tim


  • Bobs Fett
    • Joy

      Nice try with the picture douche

  • Stick

    Real life Backyard Football!

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