Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • baddbuzz

    good luck Farah . . chiver nation came on strong and showed just what kind of community and family we are.

  • JAD

    #13 prove it

  • chiverbr0

    #2 doing good is good. #49 i want one


    #13 #17 #41 #49
    MOAR, MOAR, MOAR, AND MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    #49 Oh boy!

  • SoCal Dude

    Fuck you Paula.

    Why don't you do something productive with your life like dress up like superman and try to fly off the Sears tower?

    • shamshe

      Paula why are you such a piece of shit? please stop with all this nonsense. your lack of humor and originality is getting really old and soon enough people will stop replying to your comments, at which point you will likely go do the decent thing and walk into traffic. the world would be a much better place without retards like you.


      • HumpDan

        yes please.

      • Melissa Suttle

        But you just replied to the comment, thus continuing the cycle you are complaining about. If people really want it to stop, don't respond! I read the comments simply to see all the folks getting their panties in a wad over Paula. You're the fuel that drives him/her, you fools!

        • Guest Pants

          You are a stupid bitch for replying to his reply and fueling the cycle even more. And with that being said, so am I.. (but at least I know it)

          • pltsdoithigh

            you all just lost the game.lol ah shit…so did i

    • vvv

      Paula, riddle me this
      How pathetic is your life and how desperate you can be for attention that you chose this …. trolling to get it?
      Do you really not care if that attention is negative? do you really want human contact so much that you chose to anger people rather than have normal conversations with them? Wouldn't it be easier and better for everyone if you stopped these pitiful attempts at trying to get a rise out of people and just stated your honest opinions in a normal fashion?

    • Beau McFaggy Pants

      I hope you decay in the bowels of hell while god an satan take turns skull fucking the wisdom teeth out of your skul.

  • top

    #49 thats jen aniston just with a beatiful bigger chest

  • Kissy

    #49 – where is your hometown? I want smoothie n stuff

  • Stern281

    Well done Chivers! Now, who are #47 and #49?

  • PJ Tonto

    Ummmmm. Wow! Smoothie Girl. I am speechless. All I can say is I Love Earth.

  • Captain7710

    Stay strong Farrah!!! KCCO!!!

  • DB Conor

    #30 is exactly what I thought about the Mark Jenkins post earlier (http://thechive.com/2012/07/26/mark-jenkins-street-art-is-sure-to-turn-some-heads-22-photos/)

  • CaliKid

    #14 might be shopped.

  • boob_cuddle

    #49 makes me wonder how far I would travel for a smoothie.

    • ladderzombie

      "…for a smoothie" Yeah, suuure…

  • SoCal Dude

    I vote for a motto change for thechive from "Probably the Best Site in the World" to "The Best Site in the World".

    I have yet to see a community that is so willing to help others, simply amazing.

  • ckron247

    #49 you are SMOOOOOOOOOTH!

  • rikooprate

    #41 Wow Minnie, I need Moarie!!!

  • DTAB

    #47 And who's this?

  • Josh Peavey

    #14 War Eagle!

    • Baron

      That play saved me from having a heart attack that day.

  • Gmoney

    #41 Sooooo hot!

  • James

    #49 Smoothie Girl and #41 Minnie Mouse = same girl…something makes me think she isn't the "local smoothie girl"

    • guest

      I agree, same tattoo, same nose ring.

      • http://www.facebook.com/chris.poole.9406 Chris Poole

        Same freaking girl dude, nice catch

  • P90

    #22 Awwww so cute.

  • stef

    #47 ordered mine, can't wait! KCCO

  • Zelda_Fan64

    #39 Clever girl.

  • BigDave

    Hey, Minnie! You're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. Hey, Minnie! Hey, hey, hey Minnie!

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