Family portraits from the big and small screen by Kirk Demarais (26 Photos)

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  • Patches

    Who let the retarded 9 year old play with the pencil crayons?

    Seriously, these are awful. But I'm guessing everyone will think they're the coolest thing ever because OMG CELEBRITIES! BFM! BFM! AFE!

    • Chim Richels

      While I agree that the quality of art may not be perfect, the actually likeness is spot on with most.

      For example, the Jason Patrick from Lost Boys is perfect.

      • Evil Xena

        They barely look human – how can the likeness be spot on.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Well, after you post your drawings, we can compare to see who is the better artist.
      Yeah, they're not perfect, but they're damn cool just like Chim said. At least you can tell who they are!

      • Evil Xena

        Your retort is meaningless – the ugliness of these pieces is not contingent on Patches being better – compare them to Rembrandt, Sargent, and thousands of other artists whose portraits actually look like human beings.

    • Amigo

      jealous? nobody wants your art or what?

  • Blushy

  • Chiv3On

    Terrible artist. Looks like a 12 year old did these…

  • clenis

    The Cos looks like JB Smoove. #12. You gotta topsy turvy that mother fucker.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #2 Where's George Bluth Sr.? Where the hell is Franklin?????

    • mike

      George sr is probably somewhere doing the time of his life.

  • Dharma

    #25 Fucking love it. Kind of obscure but I picked up on it instantly.

  • Dave


  • Al Jones

    #14 is going to change any second now.

  • Drunkard


  • Miguel Alvarez

    There I am!!

  • freddy boy

    #18 My extremely conservative parents saw this movie (the jerk) on the advice from my retard brother. It took them about a month to finally get it but it served for years as the belly laugh center of the universe. Go, Steve.

  • Dick Innabocks

    Mashups between Norman Rockwell and Picasso???

  • dave

    How about the Connor family from Roseanne?

  • turdferguson

    #18. Friggin hilarious.

  • mattythegooch

    They all look like they might have a "Touch of Downs"……

  • Squirrelin

    Where is the Bundy's from Married with Children? Or perhaps the Dynamite family from Napoleon Dynamite?

  • Canadian Bacon

    #12 Theo couldn't make it; apparently, Gary Coleman sat in for him.

  • Joe Kroger

    #18 I was born a poor black child. Must have.

  • Andrea Diaz

    #20 that guy is a jerk!

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