Russian social network girls are a real mixed bag — mostly of tan and crazy (36 Photos)

  • Yankee

    I don't ever want to hear another European talking smack about 'Merica again!

  • dennis

    I've never seen such a large group of FUGLY women. Not a good looking one in the entire stable.

  • ImpressMe

    Those things will be showing up in my nightmares for months…..damn.. #16 #18 #28

  • Peter

    Bang bang!! im going Duck hunting

  • nade

    so then, like, what do real Russian women look like?

  • Kim Soo Ro

    Oh god…why…

  • Real

    Dick dick and dick

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  • PottyPlant

    Let's just say, none of them are my type…

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  • TommyB

    Wabbit season! Duck Season-Fire!
    Shoot the Duck! Shoot the Duck!

  • HopeMarie8998

    What is it with these Russian chicks and their fish lips??? I don't get it!!

  • Mary Kate

    I think Marilyn Monroe would literally shed tears and call for some national crisis prevention association to do something drastic about this.

  • Lee Downer

    #15 if I had to but I'm sure #22 is taking a dump !!

  • FrenchGuy_Paris

    #18 c'est trop moche!!

  • Anonymous

    these are all caricatures of american women and photos posted on this sight

  • VIOLENTjoe

    Ducking fuckfaces everywhere

  • Trento

    And apparently duckface is a real winner also

  • Robert Ratke

    #2 Someone, please, tell Russia that the cast of Jersey Shore does not represent good taste.

  • snoop59
  • Jaco Smit

    Duck Season open.

  • pitaru

    #17 She knows her place

  • captain awesome


    on second thought #22 would get a cursory jizz on the face

  • john j

    I'm only assuming here, but these girls are trying to be American. My wife was born in Ukraine (moved her when she was 2) so I know a lot of Russians and these are not your typical Russians. Russian women are naturally beautiful and very sweet.

  • Emzilla

    So did duck face originate in Russia?

  • Mighty

    #17 at lease she knows where the washing mechine's at…………

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