Shorts: A stripper fail, Potassium Chlorate meets a red gummy bear, How to make Lasagna, and Miss Paris (4 Videos)

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    • Dave


    • Candymountainmofo

      first after first?

    • StrikerF66

      So am I the first second? Or the third?

    • Sylvain Roy

      When can I power my car with Gummy bears!!!

    • MauiMark


      • DerJöe

        say YES to adblock

    • Connor Folks

      well… at least shes hot france

    • BombTrackF40

      I love you, Chive, but get rid of that "lasagna" video. Stoopid.

      • HumpDan

        I thought it was funny.

    • jimguy

      that's pretty racist potassium chlorate

    • David B

      How many people imagined the gummi bear was real for just a moment? Either that or it was a Care Bear?

    • Mikey

      Miss Paris makes me happy! She's so cute and innocent, I want to take her home and do unspeakable things to her…

    • Jobo

      Anyone else think that Gummy Bears + Potassium Chlorate could be a new fuel source?

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