The Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s have arrived!

canadian kcco dars The Canadian and Canadian Military KCCOs have arrived!

It’s been a long time coming but after listening to your suggestions, we finalized the design and the color for the Canadian KCCO. You can ask anybody at the office, I haven’t taken mine off in two days I love it so much. I smell like roses.

Canadian KCCO’s available in Men’s and Women’s sizes RIGHT HERE.

Canadian Military KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

As always, these are not going to last more than a few minutes so good luck!

Also, if you haven’t read Farrah’s story yet, click here. Donation page right here.

UPDATE: All sizes in Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s SOLD OUT.

  • chivettelover

    black kcco sweeeeeeeet

  • Shiguy

    GOOD LUCK EH! And way to go "guest" for being a douche bag.

  • Snoop101

    Got mine!!!!

  • Bino

    got 1 for my GF, 2 for my buddies and 1 for myself. not too shabby

    • CanucksRule

      grats, but i wanna punch u in the nuts. u got 4 red kcco's and i couldn't get one.

  • Kato

    Dammit! 1 minute in and its sold out! Fuuuuuccckkkk!!!!!

    • David W. Taylor

      Still showing available on my browser. Keep trying, or maybe use a different browser. That's what I had to do.

      • Kato

        No dice. At least i got my black kcco so the balance between good and evil is fully restored.

    • CanucksRule

      it showed as available for a while, but once u got to the checkout page then it said outta stock. my work cpu started to late right at noon (in vancity), so that screwed me over. but did snap up a navy blue and army green kcco. so not a total loss. but really wanted a red.

  • SaltLakeChiver

    Have at it, Canadian friends! Keep your eye on the Globe 😉

  • Dallas D

    Got my Canadian KCCO! OH Canada!!!

  • Ben

    It will go nicely with my Green one.

  • boyrenaissance

    good Karma from Farrah, and now i finally have a KCCO!

  • @RyanMatthew54

    Got a Green and Red Military Chive shirt. Can't wait to wear the green one in the field!

  • Just Sayin'

    The complainers that want these shirts to be available in unlimited quantities have obviously never experienced the excitement of actually placing a successful order. Is it sad that it is that exciting for me?

    • Shrimpkin

      Nah, it's not. When I saw the confirmation on my order I was all WOOT and starting spinning my chair in circles. Yes, I am a dork. 🙂

  • Sébastien Froment

    Got Mine too !
    Don't forget to donate too Farrah !

  • Duke_ON

    Got my order in YEAHHHHHHHH

  • thatskiinggirl

    Sweet, got one!

  • Jimbo

    Finally got one! boom shakalaka!

  • Teej

    Got mine! Hells ya, long time coming and going to wear these with pride!

  • Richard Then

    Got all my Canadian KCCO, Thanks Chive!!!

  • Stern281

    Who's the blonde?

    • CanucksRule

      i couldn't stop staring at her booty shorts.

  • ReelClerk

    Got one. Edmonton represent!

  • Danielle Rae

    Got one for my Canadian born Chiver boyfriend. Thanks Chive!

  • Torbino

    This trailer park boy got his.

  • Canucken

    Now all I need is a green KCCO, the one I have is too big. 😦

    Still love my BFM, BFM 3D and black KCCO though!

    • Chivette_19

      what size green? I have a male large.

  • CanadaEH7


  • Tim Ross

    Got mine in Navy Blue, should go perfectly under my fire duty shirt. KCCO Canada!

  • Jeremy

    That was disappointing, 3 minutes late and they are already gone. I guess Ill try again next time

    • CanadianChivette

      Which one were you looking for? I was able to snag an extra!

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