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The Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s have arrived!

canadian kcco dars The Canadian and Canadian Military KCCOs have arrived!

It’s been a long time coming but after listening to your suggestions, we finalized the design and the color for the Canadian KCCO. You can ask anybody at the office, I haven’t taken mine off in two days I love it so much. I smell like roses.

Canadian KCCO’s available in Men’s and Women’s sizes RIGHT HERE.

Canadian Military KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

As always, these are not going to last more than a few minutes so good luck!

Also, if you haven’t read Farrah’s story yet, click here. Donation page right here.

UPDATE: All sizes in Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s SOLD OUT.

  • ManitobanChivette

    =D I got one to close out my collection. So excited!

  • Couvs

    Woot got my Canadian KCCO and a Royal Navy KCCO for my brother in law in the Naval Reserve! 🙂

  • @randyhab71

    YESSSS!!!!! Got mine!!! Cant wait!!

  • xMadMatter

    Got one! Whoo! Also donated to Farrah. Stay strong Colorado!

  • Captain7710

    Got mine!

  • RUhigh

    Chivers got the world covered…and Farrah! Get well soon girl!

  • JimBob SŦeen

    Got me the Black KCCO and the military green CKCCO! Super pumped!!

  • Aethon

    What is with this fucking glitch where no matter what choice I make it puts the default men's/small in my cart? God fucking damn it!

  • Tony Gomez

    KCCO Blacks are avail 😉

    • Kzo

      Thx for the info!

  • Tyno

    Am the happiest MAN in the world xD got my Navy Blue sooo happy KCCO

  • Ray

    Just got mine!!!!

  • Kzo

    Canadians should eat more! All the medium are out , dammit 🙂

  • ChadInHalifax

    Serving Canadian Military member, got one for me, and one for the gf to wear while I'm deployed for 8 months next year… KCCO!

  • Sweetums

    Well that sucks I was Waiting for days ! I clicked as fast as i could ! Crap 😦 I thought it was destiny Its my 40th Birthday today and I'm 100 % Canadian Chivette so sad 😦 Grats to those who clicked faster then me 🙂

  • BlakAdder

    Got Canadian Military Red and the elusive Black KCCO. Great day!!!!!

  • Guest

    Whoo got Canadian kcco and a black

  • AddictedCanChivette

    Take a trip around the globe chivers, you might find exotic treasures

  • djkidkt

    Finally… got mine!

  • PontangPunisher

    11 mins Later and not sold out yet . sweet xD

  • Chocofishez

    Wow looks like Chive decided to make all of about 20 shirts… gawd! Looks like my beaver pelt vest is gonna get a few more miles.

  • Andy

    SOLD OUT OF FAT KID SIZES. Fat ppl chive too!!!!!

  • Joe Chastain

    Got a red for myself and a fellow Carolina Chiver! Representing theChive every day to keep the word strong in the blazing hot South! ChiveOn!

  • Ben

    GOT MINE!!!!!!

  • moses

    got my black… duscount!!! KCCO

  • Sean

    Yes got one of each color… Sweet

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