The Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s have arrived!

canadian kcco dars The Canadian and Canadian Military KCCOs have arrived!

It’s been a long time coming but after listening to your suggestions, we finalized the design and the color for the Canadian KCCO. You can ask anybody at the office, I haven’t taken mine off in two days I love it so much. I smell like roses.

Canadian KCCO’s available in Men’s and Women’s sizes RIGHT HERE.

Canadian Military KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

As always, these are not going to last more than a few minutes so good luck!

Also, if you haven’t read Farrah’s story yet, click here. Donation page right here.

UPDATE: All sizes in Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s SOLD OUT.


    Got a Canadian KCCO and Green Military for myself and a Canadian KCCO for my wife and Canadian KCCO for a buddy. Good days, better success than the ladies launch day. Now I just need a The Chive LS, DAR, Green KCCO and Blue/Green BFM to complete the collection.

  • keepsix

    Actually a little choked this time. I have several other chive shirts but I really wanted this one as I am from Calgary. Could not have been in there quicker……everything went fine until checkout at 1:00:30 when it said sold out.

    That cant be true. However I'm quite sure they are counting their money and drinking bubbly and not reading my comments at all….

    • Shannon

      You just have to refresh… they do become available… but now sadly, they aren't. Next time, if you get the sold out right away, just refresh a bunch of times and it will work!! KCCO ♥

      • keepsix

        Ummmm – did exactly that a number of times during the process.
        And if that is true then wouldn't it be prudent to alert people (especially the keeners who are there at the crack of 1:00) to that reality?
        I will certainly give that another go should I ever want to risk the frustration and disappointment again.

        • Shannon

          That's just what I heard… didn't have a problem with mine and I was there after 1 🙂 But I'm a girl… so maybe the men's shirts have more problems… *shrug* good luck next time!

          • CanucksRule

            from reading the comments, the ladies had better luck than the gents for the red kcco's. i refreshed like a mother and the men's kcco was gone by 12:01. but, snapped up a navy blue and army green so it wasn't a total loss. really wanted a red though.

  • Chopper

    Keep Calm and Chive On Eh! Got mine… Giddy up!

    • Canucken

      The large has 14 bids already, lol.

      • cfielder

        It's not even an authentic.

    • Shannon

      if it's the Donkey Barn one it's not authentic!!! They are just big copy cats, don't pay $40 for a shirt from them!!

      • MAGSGQ

        Absolutely not …. I can be patient and wait here. $50 for a tshirt – not that much in a hurry

        • Shannon

          I saw a "Mind the Gap" on ebay for $100!!!! Who pays that?!

          • MAGSGQ

            Yeah to me that's just ridiculous. No guarantee either it's the real deal.

  • J-Villa

    Got mine! Suck it,nerds! Wearing it under the hockey jersey at the rink on Sunday!

    • Shay

      Will it be teleported to you? Sunday's quite soon! 😛

  • Jessie

    Brides maid just got a his and hers for the honeymoon in 11 days. …… Hope it gets here before the trip …. please ship fast need to rock it for Thailand. Love you Chive ……

  • Canadian Chivette

    Got my fiancee two in military green since he's out in the field! He's gonna be so excited. Pro Patria!

  • CanucksRule

    dang, couldn't get a red kcco reg or military. but snapped up a green and navy blue. minor woot. lol.

    chive, please put out more cdn kcco's. it's the perfect shirt for canada day.

  • Ktown

    Got mine, and my wife gets her first KCCO!! Chive On, eh! (lol, I rarely say 'eh'… don't know how this became our stereotype!)

    • Shiguy

      Congrats and KCCO eh!

  • Newfie Chiver

    Got mine,,thanks chive,,

  • Sweetums

    How come i was checking out at 12:03 and it was sold out ,and people were getting them 15 and 19 min later Very upset 😦

    • Shannon

      you need to just keep refreshing!! Now they are sold out, but if at first you don't succeed, try try again! It shows sold out because people cart them then empty their carts… you just have to refresh!

  • MnChiver

    Check: Donated to Ms. Farrah, because my KCCO shirt money (~$35) means more to her.

    Check: I have a funny feeling my KCCO shirt won't quite look like the rest of the Canadian KCCOs purchased today.

    Farrah donation + KCCO shirt, today = Burnsday that can't be beat.

    I'm on cloud KCCO! Right about now.

  • Shane87

    Finally Got a Black, Red, Green and Sand KCCO… BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KCCO From Kingston ON

  • USF Bull Rugger

    *****PLEASE READ:





    • USF Bull Rugger

      BTW, If you dont get a shirt today go donate to Farrah and her family! Did both of these things today….felt good.

    • CanucksRule

      dang, all gone. thx anyway.

      • USF Bull Rugger

        Sorry friend, I tried!! $38 bucks for a t-shirt is a little steep though to tell you the truth. Better spent donating to the Aurora shooting victim, Farrah.

        • Bino

          I decided to get a Canadian KCCO a black KCCO and donate. all around good day

  • Matt Boyer

    Dam had one Black and should have checked out .. but went for a second for a buddy .. OH well .. guess the CDN KCCO and CDN MIL KCCO will have to do =)

  • Trevor Smith

    I think I got mine. Haven't recieved the confirmation e-mail yet but it syas good to go!!!

  • Richie

    I can certainly appreciate the rarity of these shirts and fun in trying to order them but if you get it in the cart it should be yours to keep. Selling out while typing in your address seems kinda lame. KCCO from Kelowna

    • Shiguy

      I can agree with this.

  • I am me

    This is just a suggestion…but maybe its time chive starts taking pre-orders! Seems that alot of people who wanted a shirt didnt get one. We are going to have to wait till you get stock anyway, so why not still take orders. That way you can forsee how many shirts you need to purchase and you will never be in the predicament where you have upset chivers! Just a thought…

    • Shiguy

      You must be new here. There is a reason for why they do this.

      • I am me

        I am new…please explain? Im confused,supply the demand!

        • @Sjd99

          If everyone had a shirt than the shirts wouldn't hold any value or be desirable. Part of the fun is trying to get a shirt and feeling a little bit of accomplishment when you do. You wear the shirt with a little more pride. KCCO.

  • steve o

    sold out as I was ordering. Disappointment 😦 level: 999,999

  • @Soupy30

    As Ice Cube once said, "Today was a good day!" Canadian KCCO for the girlfriend, Red Military KCCO and Black KCCO for myself! Yes indeed Cube….Today was a good day!

    • @Soupy30

      Today was an even better day because of the generosity of the Chive community and donating to Farrah! Feel Good (Donate to a great cause), Look Good (Snag some new ChiveTees), Play Good (Wheel, Snipe, Party)

    • CanucksRule

      got the song stuck in my head now. lol.

  • Kozak

    Wanna know where you got those shoes????

  • Mikey

    John… Who DF is the Blonde???????????

    • CanucksRule

      those shorts. g'lawwwwd.

  • @randyhab71

    Got a couple of black too!!

  • Steve Saunders

    Yay! Got a Canadian KCCO shirt. Now I get to add that to BFM and BFM 3D when I go out!

    KCCO from Hamilton/Burlington! – Who regularly drives to the Kingston area (Cottage)

    *my car is usually easy to spot, with the KCCO on both back windows. 😉

    • Shane87

      Im rocking my KCCO shirts out in Kingston!

    • GeeROiD

      And now it is going to be easy to rob too! WIN WIN!

  • 12vag

    What the heck chive ! Better be round two soon!

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