The Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s have arrived!

canadian kcco dars The Canadian and Canadian Military KCCOs have arrived!

It’s been a long time coming but after listening to your suggestions, we finalized the design and the color for the Canadian KCCO. You can ask anybody at the office, I haven’t taken mine off in two days I love it so much. I smell like roses.

Canadian KCCO’s available in Men’s and Women’s sizes RIGHT HERE.

Canadian Military KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

As always, these are not going to last more than a few minutes so good luck!

Also, if you haven’t read Farrah’s story yet, click here. Donation page right here.

UPDATE: All sizes in Canadian and Canadian Military KCCO’s SOLD OUT.

  • Kcco

    What time did they go on sale at??

    • PontangPunisher

      At 3PM EST
      1PM Alberta

  • robvc

    I actually book time to do this… and I get stuck on a 2 hour long call. They finally do come out with a Canadian Chive shirt and its the one time I am not on to get it 😦 … anyone wanna trade a brand new in bag still St Paddys for one? LOL

    • Ronan

      What size is St. Paddys?

      • robvc


  • Vyle_Kidovich

    Damn! Maybe next time 😦

  • Scotty

    Missed the Canadian but nabbed a Military!! Proud to support our troops. KCCO.

  • Mitchell

    Got mine!!

  • randyribx

    i got 3 kkco's love this site!

  • Matt

    Thanks Chive! These are really great! Go Army!

  • dmb

    fucking sold out in less than 2 minutes, so rattled ah well kkco

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  • km23

    really wanted a blue one to wear under my combats but i was too busy fixing aircraft maybe next time

  • Girvan58

    Did the site fuck up for anyone else? When I went to checkout it kept telling me that they had sold out during my checkout process and when I went back to the site they weren't sold out. I couldn't get one 😦

    • Dan

      Exact same thing happened to me. I watched the timer count down to zero, refreshed the page was able to select the shirt size I wanted then when I went to check out 5 seconds later it said it was sold out. So hard to KCCO when I was super frustrated that I couldn't order one.

  • Thebigbk

    Thanks chive for the canadian military t's. Just one thing. The Navy is required to wear a black t under our work uniform. Id love to rock the kcco at work…ya ya I know there already is a black…but having the Canadian flag would be awesome.

  • mjbaker78

    UK one please!!

  • Jrod

    How did people get two!! Dammit!!! Oh well least I got one for me!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gazal

      Hot girls.the first pic’s tattoo sucks ass, and whats with the music notes, is it the theme song to mario or when mario dies, thats the only exnatplaion i have

  • Michael

    I was stuck at work today, but my lovely girlfriend got one for me!!

  • Danimal

    Damnit! Was at work when these bad boys were released… The agony of defeat :(. Wouldn't mind trying to snag 6 of them so myself and my wedding party can wear them proudly under our tuxedo (no not a Canadian tuxedo… fiancee wouldn't go for it :@).

    • ManicCynic

      Exactly the reason I'm glad to have internet on my phone, and inattentive bosses.

  • Kent Brooking

    Neither myself or any of my fellow "Canadian Forces" were able to pick one up… BOOOURNS!

    • Kent Brooking

      Canadian Forces co workers***

  • Daniel Uribe

    Got my MIL Shirt. Glad to represent my fellow service members to the North.

  • Karlee

    Pumped I got a military one for my Canadian Military man, but then went to get mine and all the women's KCCO were gone!! All within minutes!! Oh well he'll be happy!!

  • RyonF

    got 2! 1 black and one military! KCCO!

  • NavyChiver

    Need black military for the Navy!! KCCO!!

  • Rob

    Seriously Chive, would it hurt you to make more than 5 t-shirts at a time?????

    • Ronan

      I got 4 and then checked back 20 min later and there were still some available. Not sure I would blame The Chive for this one.

  • jay B

    I sat on the sit and ordered as soon as the countdown stopped, how the fuck did they sell out in 1 second????????

  • felicia gadison

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  • Robyn Murree

    Any chance of doing these in black as well? navy folks have to wear black t-shirts with their uniforms

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