A bevy of cans throughout the 80s-90s (21 Photos)

  • Tommy Boy

    It all depends on who I'm talking too. If I'm talking to someone from the east coast, it's soda, if I talk to someone from the midwest, it's pop. Down south, it's "coke" – even if it's a pepsi.

    If i talk to someone from Boston, it's "sodar".

    On topic AND first post…

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      I live in Milwaukee and we call it soda, but 50 miles away its pop. This map is pretty cool. http://strangemaps.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/po

      • Underbaker

        Cool map, but now I want to know what they call it in the big green splotch in New Mexico?

        • I don't know

          Soda Pop

        • Dakota

          we call it coke in nm

    • dan

      So you have no soul…. I'm guessing you also call your friends to see what they are wearing before meeting up.

    • Noname

      Always been 'soft drinks' to me. But I'm British

    • Masshole

      I am from Boston. Lived here my whole life. Never once heard someone say "Sodar".

      • http://twitter.com/bdaley84 @bdaley84

        Maybe he meant "sodah." We hear in Mass drop our r's not add them.

        I heard it called "sodar" once and that was in Pennsylvania. I use both soda and coke but never once have I called it a pop.

        • Underbaker

          Yep them r's hit the air streams and make their way to Texas so they can come out in the wash ( pronounced warsh here). Also Texas = Coke.

        • Aaron

          I'm from western pa and usually call beer, sodars or sodar pops.

      • Tonic avenger

        Agreed. Actually called it Tonic

    • yupp

      it's coke… ya'll

      • http://www.facebook.com/clint.bozic2 Clint Bozic

        Coke here in the Carolina's

        • Kristen

          I thought you looked in-bred.

      • TheWizz

        its all coke in georgia.
        the next question the waitress is supposed to ask is what kind?
        thats when you pick classic, diet, drpepper, etc….

    • Birdhaus32

      I'm from STL and its always been soda. All you Chi-towners call it pop. Pop is a sound not a beverage

    • Darwin

      I'm from Kansas and we call it pop.

    • Mike

      From OH and IN, always called it soda, but a lot people call it pop too.

      • Indy

        We call it beer.

      • Dan

        Erie, PA if you don't say pop people look at you funny

    • MW DVM

      From Iowa-soda.

      • Barnstormer

        You are not a true Iowan if you call it soda

    • Sleepy379

      We call it either Coke or a cold drink in Louisiana.

    • http://www.facebook.com/meanz71 Frank Bissaillon

      It's "sodah" not "sodar".

    • fritodog

      Gimme a liter of Cola!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.groppe Ashley Mingledorff Groppe

      It's a coke, y'all. 😉

    • another Tommy

      And there are still a few of us left who hail from a little north of Boston who grew up drinking "tonic."

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

    Cans, yep

  • FunKiller

    I'm originally from MI so we always called it Pop. Since moving out west, I've started calling it Soda…..either way I've stopped drinking it altogether, it's just really bad for you.

    • chopper

      Jesus, you really are a fun killer, FunKiller. Soda-pop is a magical drink. What else is going to get me through my day between my morning pot of coffee and my evening bottle of scotch?

      • FunKiller

        Hey come on, I'm getting old and the sugar makes me crash…..plus it was putting some kind of soft padding around my belly….had to do something about that!

    • nuccabay

      youre one of those people that makes the west coast suck so bad…stay true to your roots PURE MICHIGAN!!

      • FunKiller

        I, in fact, make the west coast better!! Had to go where the $ is….that's not in MI! Faygo muh-fucka!!!

  • bubblerider86

    #15 i always love when the santa cans come out! (oh and it's always "coke" down here) 🙂

    • https://www.facebook.com/matt.poole.524 Matt Poole

      Agreed, it's always been "coke" to me regardless of the brand.

  • http://twitter.com/tatathejetplane @tatathejetplane

    I Call them Soda, and I remember the Star wars Cans.. I collected all but one, ugh.. such a boring childhood..

  • vindi


    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      You misspelled 'meth'.

      This fan testimonial has been deleted before an administrator would.

    • James

      Omfg YES! Tall about childhood nostalgia! I was crushed when it got cut.

      • Bangerang

        Anyone remember Mario soda in the mini cans? Had all the characters as different flavors?

  • redsoxcuse

    Wow Pepsi light. The Chive bringing me back with all the nostalgia today. Love it.

    • Brian

      Pepsi Light (and Coke Light) is alive and well in almost everywhere else in the world other than North America.

    • Adam

      Yeah, thats how I felt seeing the Tropical Crush cans!

  • Trav1121

    Definately pop. We make fun of the people who call it 'soda'. 🙂

    • Caity

      Lol pop just sounds funny. I'm down south in Texas so it's soda for me. Dr. Pepper all around.

    • Ethix_

      I'm from Pittsburgh, everyone calls it pop here, but I get made fun of anywhere I go down the east coast for calling it that.

    • Just A. Jason

      *Definitely* Just saying. If you're going to make fun of people you should spell correctly.

      • Trav1121

        *… fun of people, you should…* If we are being jerks, you missed a comma, Mr. Wizard. You just got punctuationed! Haha

        And I don't think anyone in Canada calls it anything but 'pop', except American converters and the elderly.

        • Just A. Jason

          hahahaha I totally appreciate being "punctuationed"! I'm just going to ask for a "pop soda coke" from now on.

  • Macro

    #1 I want a Crystal Pepsi now … those were good.

  • josh

    I had an old guy in Texas call it soda water.

    • clayton

      oh yeah, in small town texas it's soda water

  • joemamma

    Canadians call it pop…

    • Smut rut

      Well that makes sense since Canadians are FAGS!

      • joemamma

        Shut it, Hipster!

      • Adam

        Someones jealous that they didn't a sweet Canadian KCCO tee yesterday? And that someones me! But you still take more cocks in your mouth than all the gays in Canada combined, smut rut!

      • Scoy boy

        Stfu before I take my skates off and knock your fucking teeth in. We can out drink, out party, our girls are hotter, we're smarter, we have better weed, skinnier children and universal health care, gay marriage for the lesbians. It's pretty fuckin sweet here inte north, I'd be jealous if I was an ignorant fat ass American too. What a fuckin guy eh?

        • Troll slayer

          *Sigh* not all Internet trolls are American… and we're not all fat… if this D-bag is American, shame on him for never experiencing the good shit in Canada… Amazing beer and your chicks are hot. KCCO

  • Gand

    I call them "chaser."

    • Adam

      I call you genius!

    • Drunkendave

      I call them mix

  • SMT

    Not one Surge can!

    • yupp

      I know!!!

    • Rodney Farva

      No Jolt either! Fuck that shit…

    • Kevin

      A damn disgrace. Surrrrrge!!!!!

  • Giggity

    I call it "hon, get me a drink and bring me a sandwich!"

    • Oli

      MOM!! THE MEATLOAF!!! –just popped in my head when I read this

  • Brian

    What, no "Cola"?

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    This comment has been deleted before an administrator would.

    This fan testimonial has been deleted before an administrator would.

    • Oltimey

      OK…this one was good your lovable troll you.

    • Jim

      Your best comment to date. Didn't take much.

  • Dylan

    "Pop" here. I can understand "soda" as well. Calling all pop "Coke" makes no sense. If I'm drinking a 7-Up, it's not "Coke".

  • MylesofStyles

    #13 Is this Tina Turner can dented or is it just my imagination?

    • Mac

      Yea, Ike did it.

  • archangel

    It's pop here in Wyoming.

    • Kristen

      Nobody cares about Wyoming.

      • Mark

        Nobody cares about Kristen.

  • donochud

    i didnt see any "ok" soda cans

    • Oli

      I dont know what "ok" soda is, but what a horrible brand name.

  • PDiddily420

    Anyone remember the coffee flavored Pepsi Kona?

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #17 at least one fuck was given that day

  • Giggity

    what about Tab cola or Diet Rite?

  • Kyle

    I just want a "God damn liter of Cola!"

    • whelp..

      Just get a large, Farva!

    • whelp..

      I don't want a large Farva

    • Adam


  • pinattar

    its pop in canada

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