A bevy of cans throughout the 80s-90s (21 Photos)

  • Jay-Z (That Jay-Z)

    Canada baby, that shits pop

  • LaGiggity

    #3 Who loves Orangina?.. Kel loves Orangina

  • Loader

    Do you go to a restaraunt and order a "pop" or a "soda" cause the waiter will say "well,which one we have many types"

  • http://www.facebook.com/ericklingler23 Eric Klingler

    Did anyone else notice "Orangina?" orange + vagina = Orangina soda Wtf?????

  • margaux

    St Louis says Soda, not pop. St Louis is midwestern.

  • HotashNerd

    It's Pop (Minnesota Chivette)

  • Mr. Keith

    in Louisiana its
    "you want a coke?"
    – "yeah"
    "what kind?"
    -"Dr. pepper

  • https://www.facebook.com/kmills.designservices Kevin Mills

    I call it soda.
    People that collect coca-cola memorabilia really creep me out.

  • Ojibwe

    Cool Cans are comin, so don't be afraid…and if you get lucky then you might get paid!

  • Dee

    Still think crystal Pepsi were some of the coolest cans. Not like the weird design Pepsi has on their cans now

  • Dee

    Oh and I never here anyone in California say anything other than "soda"

  • Moyo

    We call it "Cola" where I'm from… I used to have a can collection. Started it when I was 13 and stopped at age 23. Reached 900 different cans from 34 different countries. Loved it!! this brought back some very nice memories

  • Mike

    My parents put me in an institution for wanting a Pepsi

    • WorkingClassSorrow

      All I wanted was a Pepsi and they wouldn't give it to me!

  • Legion

    Anyone remember 7up Ice Cola?

  • Juan R

    I call them mixers

  • John

    No it's a coke, you just need to specify if you want a certain kind of coke

  • Mattymac

    most canadian's i know call it mix.

  • B-to-the-H

    I'm from the Pacific Northwest and I've always called it pop.

  • miguel

    Great post. Needs moar Jolt Cola though.

  • Sapper33

    I want some Rani…

  • Stick

    Soda. or I'll murder your face

  • Muadieb

    #14 #16 Mirinda!! You win!!

  • Kenny

    With such an extensive collection of Pepsi cans in #1, you'd figure Pepsi XL would show up. I drank the hell out of that stuff!

  • jonjon

    In GA it's all coke until you specify (i.e. Sprite, Pepsi, fanta)

  • Katie

    Definitely soda. I only say coke when I'm talking specifically about a coke. Never say pop. (Maryland)

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