A bevy of cans throughout the 80s-90s (21 Photos)

  • Alex

    I call it soda no matter what. Everyone in NC says coke , even though the only liquid that touches they're lips is Sun Drop.

  • Jason

    pop, but down in the south no matter what it is its called coke, even if its dr pepper, pepsi, mt dew, just anarchy down there with what they call pop.

  • DB3


  • dude


  • Riyo

    "what kind"
    dr. pepper

  • Rooitjie

    I would call them soft drinks or Cola (in the case of a coke or pepsi), or even a fizzy (carbonated) drink, which is what they all have in common… it's not soda, which is a specific type of fizzy drink, like cola is. "Pop" is a throwback to the 50's in America which also referred to the carbonation in the drinks. Sorry, you asked 🙂

  • clancy

    It's pop or soda pop, calling it just soda or calling all pop coke doesn't make any sense at all. Soda refers to the sodium carbonate, which is what makes it carbonated; however, you can have carbonated water without flavor so that too would be soda. Calling it all coke is almost worse, Coke is named such because at one time it really did have cocaine it is and was used as medicine. Pepsi never did, therefore calling it coke is just wrong.

  • URdone969


  • Whoopi_G

    Wish they still made Dr. Slice!

  • Gallus

    I learned to call it soda-pop. I guess folks in my region can't make up their mind.

  • Frank

    How could you guys miss the Pepsi cans that when stacked spell sex. Fail Chive. Fail.

  • Cuthbert

    It isn't an opinion question. They ARE called pops. Anyone who says otherwise needs to be taken out back and beaten with a rubber chicken for 37 minutes.

  • wire

    im from the south and everyone i know just calls it a drink or a soda only hear people call coca cola coke

  • Watty

    It is usually mixture, I am from OR and ID and it is usually a "soda pop"

  • jlm

    its soda damn it not pop but coke is acceptable

  • Construction Guy

    It is called soda. end of story. Coke is a brand, not a type of drink. And if I wanted to call my drink after the sound it makes when i open it, it would be called "pshhhhh" or "krshhhhhh"

  • tdits

    Not a single Mt Dew can?
    and who drinks that much Fanta?

  • https://www.facebook.com/danielrgill Daniel Gill

    No Surge? I call foul! *and shaddap, haters, I liked the stuff. I enjoyed turning my insides into radioactive waste*

  • thetech2

    I call em all mix for rum

  • Gangster Wayne

    Pop! Soda means soda water, like when someone orders a Vodka-Soda at a bar.

  • Midge

    In Australia, its called 'soft drink'

  • horse

    in TEXAS all soda is COKE
    Unless of course it is a DR. PEPPER

  • horse

    in TEXAS all soda is COKE

  • horse

    Unless its DR. PEPPER
    excuse me..

  • Bob

    Where's the Irn Bru? Google it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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