A bevy of cans throughout the 80s-90s (21 Photos)

  • ben

    from Ohio and I call it pop!

  • http://www.facebook.com/cory.brundige Cory Brundige

    we say coke in texas

  • PottyPlant

    Awe now I'm thirsty

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  • cameron

    Pop is a sound. Soda is a drink.

  • Tonic avenger

    Growing up near Boston we called it "tonic".

  • brandon

    This post is fucking boring.

  • Southern Boy

    In Atlanta we called them by name. It’s a sin to call coke anything other than coke.

  • Christopher

    I didn't see a single RC cola can what's up with that. RC cola and moon pies are the best dessert ever.

  • Keelanfc

    Not one surge can?

  • Xmy

    what about the Toronto Blue jay World series cans… haha I have like 2 of those

  • http://coreyvandersleen.wordpress.com Outlaw

    #16 Don't care what it is, if you're in Texas, they're cokes.
    Now, I don't drink cokes/sodas/pop anymore, but if Pepsi brought back Pepsi Blue, I'd have to get back on the bandwagon.

  • OzWhistlerianChiver

    In Aussie, we call it 'soft drink' as a broad term, but usually just coke, sprite, fanta etc.

  • https://www.facebook.com/savannah.j.west.3 Savannah Joy West

    definitely soda.

  • https://www.facebook.com/alex.segura.balderas Alex Segura

    West coast guy here so I have always known it to be soda…But now I live in the midwest and everyone looked at me like I was a moron so now its pop lol

  • Bill Boner

    Beer motherfucker!
    Do you drink it!!????

  • F13R

    American Cola, seems legit with russian calendar…

    #17 omg, had them myself

  • Rob

    In Mass you have to watch your punctuation. If you have a grocery list that says bacon soda you could get bacon and coke or baking soda powder alone. Its like a suprise for the person who made the list when you get home. Never know what you will get!

  • tricky7373

    In Ireland we call fizzy drinks minerals… get the kids some minerals they would say… minerals thats what we need rocks…

  • Brian

    In el Salvador we call
    7-up: Siete HUUUUP!
    Sunkist: Soonkish

  • tim

    Growing up it was always COKE. "You wanna get a coke?" "Yeah" "What kind?" "Gimme a Dr. Pepper"

    Now I don't drink that poison shit.

  • Etalicus

    missing a few pepis cool cans

  • hey_cw

    #16 RC king o cola…Wtf no Mr. Pibb

  • Greg

    Soda. "Pop" is the noise Soda makes. But in the south, "Coke" is the sound "Coke" makes.

  • tobythebeagle

    In Australia we call them all "soft drinks" !

  • Kaptin

    I always just called them soft drinks, but then again, I am from across the pond.

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