A few watches that will set you back over a million dollars (25 Photos)

If you have money to buy these watches then, respectfully, fuck off.

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  • Mike

    Or you go to Chinatown in NYC and buy a replica for $10.00

  • slany

    #6 I used to have a Swatch that you could see the insides as well… didn't cost me a million bucks though.

  • http://twitter.com/Speedstripe @Speedstripe

    Beautiful micro engineering. Its amazing what the human mind and a pair of steady skilled hands can do.

    For all those who don't understand why someone would pay money for these, just understand that many of these parts where made by hand, and assembled by hand and the end result is a watch so precise and reliable that they often loose less time every month than a regular quartz watch made by machines.

    I love mechanical watches, what I can't understand though, is why someone would pay US$100 or more on anything but a mechanical watch. So many great, reliable, good looking watches can be found in antique stores and flea markets, and more often than not they just need a bit of TLC, maybe a good service by a watch maker and you'll have a reliable functional piece of art you can give to your kids.

    • 5eagles

      Finally, some sense. Well said. I'm no big fan of time pieces, but these really neat to see and apparently very rare (mostly explains the high price tags, also that they were hand made some time ago…) If you can afford one of these, good for you. 🙂 Mean time, I'll just check my iPhone for the time and KCCO.

  • Ale112

    Even if I can afford those watches I don't think I will buy one, but yet again they will tell to " respectfully fuck off"

  • watch this

    I can possibly see the incrusted ones being pricey, but thats just ridiculous. Unless all the other watches can blow me, make me invisible, give me the ability to travel in time, or make my small penis a lot bigger, then i'd need a bit more explanation than "ummm, it makes it more difficult to figure out what time it is".

  • Merckle

    And they run off a $3 battery as well as any other watch….fail

    • Mike

      Annnnnnd no they don't. Mechanical watches are powered a steel spring inside the watch that is wound either manually (by turning the crown) or by the movement of the wearer's wrist via a weighted rotor.

      Not saying I'd ever pay a million bucks for a wrist watch, but mechanical watches are actually several hundred tiny moving parts assembled to into a steampunk-looking micro machine. A quartz watch is basically a battery and a circuit board.

  • boob_cuddle

    My $150 fossil watch looks better than these and does the same shit.

    • guest

      No, it doesn't, and you paid a way higher markup on that watch than the owners of these watches did. That is a FACT as I am in the business.

      • boob_cuddle

        Point is my watch looks great, tells me the correct time & date, has a stop watch and tachometer. Is stainless steel and 10 atm water resistant. And if I bang it against something I won't cry.

        • Nateb123

          Your Fossil is a piece of junk. Fossil makes every fashion brand under the sun aside from Chanel, Dior, Versace, Boss and a couple others. The Fossil brand is positioned as a knock off, lower priced version of the branded stuff. Basically you bought a 20 dollar watch for $150.

  • https://www.facebook.com/adam.beckham Adam Beckham

    This set of pics just really pisses me the fuck off really a fucking 2 million dollar watch really can't help cure cancer, feed the hungry help out humanity. But I'll buy a 2 million dollar watch. Fuck

    • 5eagles

      That's oversimplifying…also, stay classy with all that swearing…sheesh.

    • guest

      People who own watches like this start foundations and fund charities to an extent you wouldn't be able to comprehend. You think a person who buys a 2 million dollar watch doesn't spend tens of millions of dollars per year on charities? Maybe you need to spend a bit more time around people with money before you make a judgement like that.

    • tic

      Yeh, where has this mentality come from that all people that have money are evil??

      • not sure


        • 5eagles


  • SwatchIt!

    My Swatch Watch makes me feel like a million bucks, does that count?

  • FoolOfATook

    I'll give ya $100 for the lot
    -Pawn Stars

  • Hooka

    What the FUCK is wrong with people. The fact that a 4.5 million dollar watch exists is a damn travesty. The fact that someone has probably purchased it is so much worse. How many people would that 4.5 mil feed?
    Fucking disgusting.

    • bob

      I agree these fucking morons have far too much money the stupid cunts.

  • https://www.facebook.com/cesarv92 Cesar Villa

    iI just want to be rich enough to be able to be one of these without it being a thing

  • Hooka

    What the FUCK is wrong with people. The fact that a 4.5 million dollar watch exists is a damn travesty. The fact that someone has probably purchased it is so much worse. How many people would that 4.5 mil feed?

  • geofster

    Odd how the more expensive they are, the worse they look. The first one is rad, but the rest are from "meh" to "yuck." Aside from #6, anyway.

  • http://Loughneyguitars.com Loughms

    I had a 1,700.°° Movado once….and I thought I was a
    hot shit… Then it got stolen and I got a 400.00 bulova that looks a lot classier than most of those. But if I forget to wear that I can always just look at my phone. It’s accurate enough. This post has no point, but I’m posting it anyhow.

  • tom turbo

    Hooka, you made me smile you cute little bobo (bourgeois bohemien). Art & Engineering were it not for such we would be nought but animals. 4,5million dollars in just a number, nothing more. A big number I'll give you that, you can't put a price on art.

    • 5eagles

      It's mostly a valuation I'll bet, which is fine of course, putting value on objects is how people deal with the world at a given time. It appears most people who commented on here have no idea what these watches really are or what they mean, let alone why they are valued at such a price.

  • Frankie J

    People do know you can tell the time for free…right?

  • Jrod

    I wouldn't buy most of those for 10 bucks at walmart

    • guest

      I don't think they sell them at walmart.

  • rikooprate


    • tom turbo

      why ? why not? why breath? why to get women to sleep with your fuggly ass!

      • http://www.facebook.com/rikooprate Rick Allen

        Go back to your mom's basement, Tom…

        • tom turbo

          best you can do Ricky? Lame. The point I'm making went way over your head thats evident.
          these are engineering feats and or fine art (except the encrusted gangsta shite imho). As such the question of why is pretty petty.
          Why the lincon memorial, why travel to the moon, why the Mona Lisa? Why get up in the mornig? If not to push your boundries, widen your horizons and maybe along the way make the world a little bit of a more wonderuos place to inhabit for the people around you.
          So my repose to you sir, is get our of your moms basement.

  • MrN00DLE

    RIDICULOUS. I'll stick to my $125 Fossil watch.

  • Anomanom

    #5 I'll take that one.
    #1 Is not one of Hublot's better efforts.

  • kdaniellesu10

    Do any of these come with Indiglo?

  • Geek

    And I thought my dad was nuts for buying me a $300 Invictus for Christmas.

  • chappy

    #25 what in the hell is this monstrosity?!?

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #25 made me laugh out loud. It's like somebody just said fuck it, make it as ugly as you can with the most expensive shit ever

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