A few watches that will set you back over a million dollars (25 Photos)

If you have money to buy these watches then, respectfully, fuck off.

Via Complex

  • sean

    i agree with most others, #1 and #6 are badass. but…WHY must they have rubber/plastic/whatever bands? if it aint a metal band it aint worth a damn

  • MN Man

    I have a calculator on my watch…. :o) But #1 and #6 are awesome!

  • shrimpdub

    The Patek Philippe watches have absolutely nauseating pricetags, but damn… I really want to wear one of those.

  • Tomc

    Rather have a pebble

  • piet

    I am in awe of the intricate design that goes on the inside..Briliant…The outside..not so much

  • chiver

    Jay Z probably has a drawer full of these the talentless douche

  • PottyPlant

    JJL sounds like a smart man

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  • http://www.facebook.com/chike.pemberton Chike Pemberton

    ill keep my calculator watch thank you

  • Josh

    Who even wears watches anymore? Lol

  • getukicks

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  • Tom

    REALLY?? Half of those look like $150 watches? WTF? Has some fancy french guys name on em and over 1.5 mil? SERIOUSLY?

  • MohawkJon

    I want to be pocket watch rich!

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