Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • just4fun88

    #26 WTF? Super Troopers is fucking awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.miller.501598 Nicholas Miller

    #15 #27

  • backthathidesaknife

    Maria Iannarino,

    Give Park back his Obama plate. You're a cuntbag, go eat another bag of dicks.

  • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2

    #30 I can almost smell that & I want one for breakfast! 😀

  • Lukas

    I hate eyebrows like those. Looks so unnatural and stupid. Like really stupid.

    • roythechive

      Lukas is spelled with a C, not a K, so you're unnatural and stupid, brah. It's DMA, meaning wake up on the right side of the bed and chive a little to begin your day.

  • Josh

    #27 Nailed it. Thank you and please come back.

  • Zoey

    #6 Puss and Booty! Yea!

  • kinoschmid

    #17 Bill "DARN " Nye .

  • Zaedrus

    #27 That's quite the smokin' hot body you've got there, made even more appealing by your awesome attitude. We should hang out. But my staring (and obvious train of thought) might make things awkward.

  • dan

    #4 Hilarious
    #15 Great way to way up in the morning!

  • johnnystyle

    #11 Seems like someone I'd like to hang out with.

  • Petey

    #27 well spoken

  • ChiveOn

    #27 and no duck face.

    • Guest

      Umm yes the first pic semi duck face

  • https://www.facebook.com/mo.2da.fo Monica Fierro

    #27 well said sister!

  • PvtJoker

    #12 – I thought the "fountain of Troy" was prohibidado!!

  • chivette

    #1 is adorable…but why does that baby have such a strong core??

  • MIchelle

    as sexy as you are and as awesome as your words are – I would just like to state – as a mother of 2 that is having a hard time getting from my size 14 back to my size 8 – I disagree with your second and third points – because it is easy to post a statement like that when you have a rock hard body
    I like to think I am a loyal Chivette and I enjoy nice tits and ass as the chivers however I feel if I were to post a un Photoshopped pic of myself I would be subjected to negative comments
    That being said – more please 😉

    • roythechive

      She also happens to be a mother, but photoshopping isn't and shouldn't be about making yourself more beautiful or whatever. What she meant was to submit a natural, untouched photo of yourself and have it posted. Beauty is about what people see, NOT what people will say. If you're afraid of what others will say – then where's that bad ass, sweet, innocent chivette attitude? Chivettes are growing in size, internationality. I personally don't believe excuses and such aren't the way of a Chivette or to show anything that may deem them inferior. I am not downing you, but you should feel great in your own skin and not care what these trolling low lives have to say.. The real Chivers are the ones saying the Chive-ly things in these comments, the rest pretty much blow. Chivettes come in all different sizes, tones of skin, and they all have their own preference of what type of pasta they like – That's what makes KCCO so special. Chive On!

      • http://twitter.com/JohnMcFadin @JohnMcFadin

        If only this comment was on the front page. Well said roy. You are definitely the semblance of a Chiver. With that said, why is theChive so damn scared to ban anybody? Seriously? I can name at least 3 people in this here post that should be perma-banned. Why should they have the right to Chive when negativity is the exact opposite of what a Chiver is all about?

    • truth

      She is also married and has a kid….oh and is fucking roy the chiver. Note the defense he puts up for her.

      • MIchelle

        I was not in anyway trying to be mean !!! I think she is a sexy women – I was simply stating that not all Chivettes have the confidence to post "sexy" pic's @ least not this one – yet 😉 KCCO

      • Brent

        Dude you need to Grow up!!…

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.turner.528 Matthew Turner

    What is up with these ugly ass faces?? #4

    • http://twitter.com/JohnMcFadin @JohnMcFadin

      I take it you are pretty new to the internet.

  • dewarz

    #5 is the equivalent of nature playing "duck, duck, goose"….

  • P90


  • Hrdwood

    #6 Bad kitty pushin' the cushion…

  • drew

    #16 What a stud.

  • Kodos

    I'm hungry now..

  • Chive Ry

    #27 is definently a sexy chivette.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ryno.gorda Ryan Gorda

    #6…cant resist urge to get up in

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