Friday Dopamine Dump (40 photos)

  • @lackofabetter

    #14 #32 Can't decide which one is sexier..

    • FunKiller

      Why decide, I'll take both!

  • Chris Vann

    Um, who is that?

    • Every commenter

      Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock. Possibly the hottest chick on American TV right now.

    • Tim Horton

      That's Pauly from The Sopranos!

    • FunKiller

      The creepy lookin dude is Stevie Van Zandt

  • DEL

    #11 "JEEZ IM A DUMBASS!"

  • Every commenter

    #31 Jesus better not try to take any tight turns or he'll be eating pavement!

  • Dom

    #16 please don’t ruin my childhood.

  • nerfherder

    #21 Whacks off!

  • Mitch Cumstein


    Man's best friends!

  • spaceace

    If I never wasted a boner I would never be able to leave my house. #39

  • buttsnstuff

    #38 fav comedy on tv now that sunny is dead to me = last two seasons

  • ckron247

    #5 I have seen one in the wild! When you see one it's hard to take your eyes off it… You look at at them and say to yourself, "What the F…?"

  • jim

    Chive your mobile site is all scewed up. Get it fixed. And not the ads but that would be nice too.

  • Jawbone

    #29 Wonder if she still wears the diaper… Little old for one in the first pic.

  • Jon Hughes

    #32 WHO IS THIS

    • DJdj Trunnell

      Danica Thrall

  • JoeyW311

    #31 holy roller

  • Jared


    Is Erectile Badtiming a medical issue I could get a Pill for ? If I never wasted a Boner I'd need an hourly nap.

  • Ormaru


  • Sethiroth

    #34 can i pet your puppy?

  • map

    #11 U sad bro?

  • Ty4

    Man, a lot of reposts lately #20 #30
    And not the awesome kind…

  • Cazzo

    Isn't this a bit insensitive?
    I mean, to portray the God of billions of people "skateboarding" on the instrument of his agonizing crucifixion is as puzzling as it is unfunny.
    And no, I don't think it would help to throw Moses and Mohammed into the mix either.

    • ddd

      no, it's awesome. and I'm certain he means no disrespect.

      • ddd

        kinda like that other jesus pic – "judgement day is here. show me your tits and I'll judge them." that guys is even better.

        • Cazzo

          I dunno. For some reason a joke about Jesus judging tits doesn't seem quite as blasphemous, but I can't really put my finger on precisely why.

          Maybe it's because crudeness is relatively harmless (and, who doesn't like tits?), and it doesn't make light of something that many people have a very powerful emotional or spiritual reaction to.

    • Iso

      No – and it would be funnier if there was a little buddha statue on the front.

    • @JohnMcFadin

      Maybe if you weren't obviously one of those Jesus freaks who can't take any joke about their religion. Maybe then.

    • Pwnapotamus

      I don't think this "crosses" any lines. It's purpose is "wholly" entertainment and it is fairly well done. Not "gaudy" or anything.

  • RandomPoster

    #28 Soooooo jealous of the Invisible man!!!

    • RandomPoster

      kind of looks like an invisible gangbang!

      • FunKiller

        Jealous of invisible people all together…..especially the ones gangbanging her.

  • Stevenb



  • Iso

    Combine #9, #12, and #14 and I will be good.

  • electric boogalo

    #14 Uh, ever heard of a keg?

  • GottaGoThere

    Where is #35?

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